Drama Review | Amanat | ARY Digital | Episode 19

A little recap

Junaid is about to divorce Zooni but Samra stops her, and then she falls unconscious.

Amanat Episode 19 written update and review

Samra is in the hospital and asking about Zooni and Junaid, because her married life is dependent on Junaid’s.
Mehr comes home with Saeeda. And Zooni spills poison as usual. I wanted to vomit. Ewww. Do we have to show shit on screen?
All said and done, Mehr is ready to take Khula from Zarar. Zarar, on the other hand, doesn’t want to divorce her.
Junaid has decided to leave the country.  I don’t blame him for being selfish. Everyone else is being selfish and self-centred. Why not him?
I’m hoping this drama ends soon.
I will see you in the next post.
Shabana Mukhtar