Drama Review | Amanat | ARY Digital | Episode 2

It’s time to review the second episode.
Furqan is keeping a close eye on Saeeda, while Saeeda is freaking out.
Fawad and Meher arrive in Rawalpindi, and Fawad calls Zarar for help. Fawad goes out to recharge his phone and gets mugged and shot by two bikers. Zarar and Meher are worried for missing Fawad.
We also see a little flashback that shows that Zarar owes to Fawad, big time.
Furqan finds out that Saeeda had gone out with Meher.
Zunaira’s entire family is cray. They all think that Zunaira is not at fault. Junaid eventually apologizes to Zunaira, only for Samra’s sake.things are better but then Zarar doesn’t pick up Zooni’s phone and things are messed up again. Now she demands that Zarar must apologize or she wouldn’t come to the mehendi ceremony.

Parting Thoughts

I don’t like Babar Ali’s choice of roles. In Zebaish also he had a grey role.
Urwa’s appearance reminds me of a little bit of Guddi from Mushk, and a lot of her role from Udari. Anyone?
Alright, time to go.
Shabana Mukhtar