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A little recap of episode 19

Malik Furqan wants Meher to abort the child. He went from bad to worst like that, snap!

Amanat Episode 20 written update and review

I think it’s time to get back to bullet list.
  1. Malik Furqan brings a doctor Dr Haleema to abort Meher’s pregnancy but she refuses because the pregnancy is too advance now.
  2. Junaid is planning to leave the country
  3. Zooni comes home and brings some clothes for Samra’s unborn child. What good will come out of that?
  4. Zooni runs into Zarar (what are the odds?) And she starts the drama
  5. Malik Furqan informs that Zarar has sent divorce papers for Meher. This is a lie, just to keep the family wirasat in the family. Chacha, planning karte to itni openly na karte. Meher hears everything.
  6. Zarar and Junaid go head to head for whatever shit is happening. Bas yahi hona baqi thha.
  7. The episode ends as Meher leaves the house. Why does nobody stop her?
  8. I hate, hate, hate Meher’s character. Nazrein jhuka kar rakhne ke alawa koooooi kaam nahin hai. Urwa should choose characters like Guddi in Mushk. She has no scope to act, NONE.
Alright, I need to calm down now.
I will see you in the next post.
Shabana Mukhtar


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