Drama Review | Amanat | ARY Digital | Episode 29

Amanat Episode 29 written update and review

Zooni confesses everything to her mother, and Raheel also learns everything. Now, he is so upset, so mad at his own sister. Chalo, at least one thing is final now. Samra and Raheel wouldn’t separate because of Zooni.


“Ghalti aur gunah mein farq hota hai,” Raheel says.


Zooni had left Zarar’s house, but Raheel doesn’t let her in, so she comes back home. She talks rudely to Laiba, but Laiba isn’t tame as Meher. She can handle herself, but Zooni doesn’t tolerate this. Another chaos errupts, another verbal fight ensues and Firdaus learns about Zooni’s plotting. Now, she feels guilty for not trusting Junaid and Meher. Ab almost everyone knows, except Zarar. Woh kya kehte hain? Jane na jane gul hi na jane, baagh to saara jane hai.


Zarar is still trying to get Salaar’s custody, and Meher is doing the same. Both parties are reluctant to settle out of the court. Firdaus contacts Saeeda hoping to seek another chance for Zarar.


I like Laiba. She is the ideal heroine that I would have loved to see.

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Shabana Mukhtar