Drama Review | Amanat | ARY Digital | Episode 8

I’m realizing that Amanat is a binge-worthy drama. You know… You don’t wait for it, but watching one episode after the other is not as boring. Moreover, the characters do have some nuances. I enjoyed this episode.
Let’s cover the ground quickly.

Amanat Episode 8 written update and review

Firdaus is like a chidchidi aunty. Hamesha pareshan, hamesha irritated.Firdaus isn’t happy about Zarar’s nikaah to Meher. She has even asked Meher to be in the confines of her room. To be honest, Firdaus isn’t too happy with Zooni, but she does treat Zooni well.
Zooni suggests that Meher should be made to do household chores. Even then, she isn’t happy. So, she talks shit to Meher.
Our girl Meher isn’t as tame as she looks. She does handle Zooni well.
“Thukraya huwa kaun hai, uski baat na hi karen toh behtar hai,” Meher tells Zooni.
Bhai waah! Woh kya kaha hai shayar ne
Hum Bhi Munh Mein Zabaan Rakhte Hain
Kaash Poochho Keh Kudda’a Kya Hai
Abid and Salma have invited Zooni and Junaid for dinner. Junaid is driving Safar’s car. While heading to Zooni’s place, he car breaks down in the middle of the road. Zooni is miffed, and she goes to the dinner alone. Inevitably, Junaid is pissed about this whole old car situation. As a result, Firdaus forces Zarar, and Zarar has to hand over his car keys to Junaid. Aise kahan hota hai bhai? Ya phir hota hoga…
The car is hit by a truck. Junaid wasn’t in it, but the car is ruined. And so are many different things. Raheel and Samra’s equation changes, Zarar loses his temper, Firdaus sides with Junaid, Abid is upset that Zooni had to take a cab… Ufff…
Raheel has gifted Samra a set which Zooni likes. She forces Samra to exchange the set with one of her jewellery set. I think I’m understanding Zooni now. Her parents, especially her father, have spoilt Zooni so much that she wants to own everything that she likes. Poor Samra can’t even protest, but then she lashes out at Raheel, and that doesn’t end well.
Samra’s relationship with Raheel is on edge all the time. Raheel loves Samra, we can see. But, he loves Zooni more; we can also see that. Is that wrong? I wouldn’t know. I feel that relationships should be balanced, and through Raheel, the makers are trying to show us the same; we like.
Us humans are extreme in most cases. We see a man aptly called zan-mureed who can’t think of anyone except his wife. And, then, there are men like Raheel who can’t see beyond their little sisters even if the said sister is mean and evil. Ah, such is life.
This drama might be annoying and choppy in places, but it is fast-paced. We have to give it to Amanat.
I will see you in the next post. Juma Mubarak!
Shabana Mukhtar