Drama Review | Badzaat | Episode 12

Badzaat Episode 11 Recap

So, Wali brings Biya to the venue, and Daniyal throws all kinds of accusations on Wali. Teri niyyat thik nahin hai, tera khoon hi ganda hai… all cringe, I’m sure you get the drift.

Badzaat Episode 12 Written Update and Review

Daniyal is harassing Biya when the conversation is interrupted by a certain someone. Huda… Remember her? She comes, confronts Daniyal and goes. This leaves Shaheda aunty (Kashif’s mother, Qandeel’s mother-in-law, she is quite nosy) more curious and Daniyal upset.

The rest of the episode is about Daniyal torturing Biya, finally locking her in the room to burn down.

Yes, that really happened.

Don’t we have enough torture and abuse on women already? Do we have to show dramas and scenes like these? Why? O why?

I’m beginning to question my decision to resume watching this drama. Only shit happens, like literally. From now on, I am never watching a Misbah Nausheen drama. She might be a good novelist but this shit ain’ty jam.

This drama should come with a warning: keep away from lighthearted people.

Argh, where can I run?


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So long!

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