Drama Review | Badzaat | Episode 13

Badzaat Episode 12 Recap

Daniyal locks Biya inside a room to burn down. She’s saved of course. Aage aur bhi to torture hai.

Badzaat Episode 13 Written Update and Review

In this episode, Biya tells her mother that the fire was not an accident. She also asks her mother to go back.

Mehrunnisa tells Wali everything, and aks him to look after Biya. He promises of course because he’s aching to take care of Biya, ahem.

Ainy has recovered a little but wo kya kehte hain ki rassi jal gayi bal nahin gaya. She’s determined to take revenge whoever against she has in mind. Wali still cares for his sister. I’m sure he will still be on her side when she does another bhand which I’m sure Ainy will.


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