Drama Review | Badzaat | Episode 19

Badzaat Episode 18 Recap

Biya is kidnapped and Wali is trying his best to find her, but Daniyal isn’t worried, not even slightest.

Badzaat Episode 19 Written Update and Review


Akbar Hussain, Daniyal and Narmeen are worried about Kashif and Qandeel instead of finding Biya. Biya is sitting outside the gate and Parveen, one of the maids finds her.

I would have said that Daniyal etc are unnecessarily worrying about Kashif. But I’m wrong. Qandeel and Kashif come to see the family in the morning. Kashif, much like his mother Shaheda, is quite nosy. Where is Biya? When did she come back? Why is she sick? Why does Mehrunnisa call Qandeel? Why doesn’t Mehrunnisa call Daniyal?!

Kashif baal ki khaal utarta hai, so much that it got to my head. But then I realized that Kashif is the one person who can annoy Daniyal. I like!

Mehwish Begum tells Wali to stay away from Biya lest it creates more problems for the damsel in distress. For once, I agree with Mehwish Begum. Wali has no right to be so concerned about Biya. Of course, Wali doesn’t follow the right advice and tries to meet Biya. Daniyal blows things out of proportion, as usual, and tells Wali to mind his and his”sister’s” business.

The episode ends as Daniyal blames everything on Biya and Wali, this is just what we expected, so I’m not surprised.


Imran Ashraf inna koi sohna laga hai iss episode mein, maa sadqay!!! And his acting is superb, especially his passing shots. Dude has got swag.


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Shabana Mukhtar