Drama Review | Badzaat | Episode 20

Badzaat Episode 20 Written Update and Review

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Akbar Hussain is at the police station talking about Wali. He doesn’t know the whole deal about Wali and Ainy, so he is probably right in thinking that Wali is wrong, and is involved in some girl kidnapping thing. However, he doesn’t believe that Wali could kidnap “Biya”. I like Akbar Hussain. He thinks logically, and still stands by Wali despite Daniyal’s constant poison-spitting against Wali. While the character is written this way, Mehmood Aslam saheb’s portrayal of the character makes it more believable.

Daniyal continues to lie about Biya. On the side, he is also flirting with Ainy. He also forbids Mehrunnisa from meeting Biya or entering the house. Nice acting by ZQ. After seeing her as the evil Shagufta in Hum Kahan Kay Sachhay Thhay, this role is such a 180 degree turn.

Biya listens to Narmeen and Daniyal’s conversation. It was all about Wali, or should I say against Wali. She now wants to file a report in police station. Of course, she seeks help from the one person she shouldn’t even talk to–Wali. One of Akbar’s friends (Shirazi Saheb) spot the duo at the police station, and he does chughli.

Bas then, everything is pushed aside. And, everything becomes about Wali. Why isn’t anyone worried about what happened to Biya?

Daniyal asks Biya to stay away from Wali, and by extension police and court.

“Allah ne har firaun ke liye Moosa bheja hai,” Biya says.

This drama continues with cringe. Akbar Hussain slaps Wali, that was still forgivable but then Daniyal slaps Biya. Hasn’t he done enough evil already?

Sidra Niazi looks stunning in every scene. Her wardrobe especially is great. And so is Nida Mumtaz’s. And Imran Ashraf is excellent as usual.


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