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Bhagam Bhag

Bhagam Bhag | Eid Day 1 | Special Telefilm | ARY Digital

Bhagam Bhag is a story of a girl who is in love with a guy and wants to marry him but her grandfather wants her to marry a doctor since he couldn’t become a doctor himself or doesn’t have any doctor in his family and now its his last wish.


Writer: Misbah Ali Syed

Director: Kashif Saleem


Cast & Characters

Hareem Farooq as Maya

Agha Ali as Shahmir

Vet doctor

Javed Sheikh as Dada Abbu

Maya’s gun-totting grandfather

Nausheen Shah as Saba Begum

Shahmir’s sister

Hassan Ahmed

Saba’s husband

Fazila Kazi as Sobia Ahmad

Maya’s mother

Umer Aalam as Tipu

Maya’s boyfriend; he isn’t sincere

Plot Summary

Saba is forcing Shahmir to marry, and Sobia wants Maya to marry. They bump into each other on a road even before meeting each other formally.

Their formal meeting was fun but loud.

Maya leaves the house to marry Tipu but he lies again. She’s trying to jump off a bridge and Shahmir saves her. While Maya convinces Shahmir to take her home (his home) but Dada finds them. Obviously thinks that Maya ran away for him, and he is in fact Tipu… Bas phir gun point pe honi hai shadi.

And then we see a little bit of “forced marriage” trope playing out.

It ends up in a happily ever after, of course! Super fun.


This telefilm was surprisingly fun. I had lost hope after watching the two disasters on Hum TV.

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It was funny and fast. The ginti ke teen romantic scenes are just too cute. And there was sizzling chemistry between Agha and Hareem. I was pleasantly surprised.

Witty one-liners

The one liners and the banter between Maya and Shahmir are just too good.


“YouTube pe likh upar jane ki akhri dua,” Dada ji suggests Tipu.


Tipu’s Wrong English

  • French fries open kar rahi hain
  • Un ka social square bahot bada hai
  • Main unka lonely son hoon.

Saba can’t understand Urdu idioms, and that adds to the hilarity. I wish there was more.


  • Nausheen Shah fits well in funny roles. I wonder why doesn’t she choose such roles more often.
  • To see Hassan Ahmed in a funny role was fun. Last I had seen him was in Mushk in a horrible role.
  • Umer Aalam as Tipu is the best. Kya kamaal acting ki hai.


It was a tad bit louder than I like, but it was too funny.


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So long!

Shabana Mukhtar