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Made for China

Made for China is a sitcom about Mrs Fazeelat and her family. This crazy family is willing to go to any extent just to get to China. Watch their arduous yet hilarious attempts at finally being able to make a move to China.





Without much further ado, let’s meet the cast and characters.


Cast and Characters


Hina Dilpazeer as Mrs Fazeelat

She is crazy about going abroad. She claims to be born in US of A, and she also credits strange fruits and cuisines to every country. Switzerland ke tarbuz, Sweden ke achar, and stuff like that.


Aroosa Siddiqui as Rehmat

She works as an online property dealer. I mean, she deals in real properties but she works online, you know, the much-envied work from home. I wish my work-from-home had continued until now. Hak haa…

Muneeb Butt as Alam

He’s good for nothing, I guess. But he does share his family’s passion to settle abroad.


Javeria Abbasi as Rehman’s friend

Sonya Hussyn as Lily


Spokesperson of Aana Jana Travels

Ali Tahir

One of Lily’s bosses at Aana Jana Travels

Alam’s friends

Plot Summary and Review

Since Fazeelat and family is crazy about settling abroad, Alam’s friends come up with an idea. They suggest that they can go out of Pakistan on asylum if they prove that their life is threatened. But the police finds out about it. Then they contact Aana Jana Travels. After this point, I skipped through most of the telefilm because it got so cringy. This telefilm was offensive even though I am not Chinese. I’m not sure if you must belong to a race to feel the pain of stereotyping of them. Are Chinese just reduced ching chang? I just… There shen-shang-shan-shi after every urdu line… it was annoying, not funny, let’s just say that.

Alam takes a liking for Lily, they ask them to deposit heavy amounts and eventually rob them off. The story is so cliched that it wasn’t even remotely funny. Also, things happened so randomly.

  • Alam’s friends tried to help him with all their might, but then they suddenly disappear, FOREVER.
  • The police finds about their scam just like that.
  • The policeman wants to call Mrs Fazeelat as ammi.
  • Javeria was made a mummy. What do Chinese people find interesting in mummies? China and Egypt are different countries, people.

It was so not what I expected from eid special telefilm.


Aroosa Siddiqui looks like a million bucks in this telefilm. I have always liked her but after losing some weight, she looks even prettier.

Muneeb Butt has acted well for his part whether he had to be a mentally retarded guy or just being a hopeless romantic. Hina Dilpazeer is a treat to watch as usual. I just hope the story wasn’t so bleh.


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