Drama Review | Badzaat | Episode 3

Badzaat Episode 2 Recap

Wali is smitten by Anabiya.

Badzaat Episode 3 Written Update and Review

Anabiya was weeping and shivering and demanding to go back home. Why? Just because she heard a gunshot. I rolled my eyes so hard, it hurt, like literally.

Half of the episode is spent in mulling and discussing about the same incident. Of all the people, it’s only Narmeen who can see through Wali and knows that he is lurking after Biya. Well, he is not lurking, but he is interested in Biya, and that’s for sure.

Wali tries to apologize to Biya, but Biya runs away. Daniyal sees Wali holding Biya’s hand. Wali loses his temper, and begs Mehwish Begum to let him go. Mehwish Begum, for some reason, forbids him to say a word, or react, or do anything. Kyu bhai? I don’t understand these unfound restrictions.

Biya might be an annoying girl, but her scenes with Wali are sweet which are in abundance. I mean, bas ek ke baad ek they always run into each other. Wali might be a bit rude but boy is he cute. Or maybe I’m mixing Imran Ashraf’s persona with Wali’s.

Mujhe Tum Abhi bhii Pasand Hooo…


Imran Ashraf looks so handsome when he laughs.

Urwa Hocane has chosen such a weak role. Anabiya has no role except looking pretty and meek and sleeping. Oh, she sleeps everywhere. Like sachi mein kahin bhi. And when she wakes up, her hair is perfectly done, not a single hair out of place. Thora toh bigad dete?


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Shabana Mukhtar