Drama Review | Badzaat | Episode 4

Badzaat Episode 3 Recap

Wali and Anabiya are in each other’s arms when the episode ended. Sweeet!!!

Badzaat Episode 4 Written Update and Review

Narmeen Begum has something against Wali and Anabiya, both. She fuels Akbar’s mind against Wali, but Wali proves them both wrong by bringing the property papers just in time. Narmeen Begum is like Zehreeli Chachi of Badzaat.

Daniyal has clicked pictures and made videos of Biya dancing, and he is watching them repeatedly. He even calls Biya to meet him out in the lawn. And our naive heroine also runs out. Woh toh bhala ho Mehrunnisa ka, who stops Biya. Daniyal is an unreliable man. I’m sure he will get a good beating from Wali sooner or later. Huda, on the other hand, is jealous of Biya already. Her jealousy isn’t baseless.

Ainy is leaving the house to make a movie. Laila isn’t happy about this, but what can she do?

This drama might not have the best storyline, but Imran Ashraf makes his character lovable. And that makes me continue watching this drama. Let’s see how long his charm alone can make this drama work. Performances aren’t standout, yet


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