Drama Review | Bebasi | Episode 13

A little recap

Ifrah is about to get married but someone ruins things for her.

Bebasi episode 13 written update and review

Ifrah’s baraat goes back. Ahmar walks to Ifrah and asks him to calm down. And he offers to marry Ifrah. Kyu bhai? I understand that he doesn’t want to marry Nadiya but aisa bhi kya?
Ishrat Jahan doesn’t hesitate to spill her poison to Ahmar as well but Ahmar is unperturbed. He isn’t the mediocre mind that Ifrah’s in-laws were.
And then Ahmar brings her to his hotel room. Did anyone notice the swag in Ali’s slow walk. Banda kitna smart hai.
Yep, so now the big question: will Nadiya and Mahrukh know about this? Of course they will. Nadiya’s friend meets Ifrah in Ahmar’s room, sees them together and clicks a few snaps. Ab sawal yeh hai ki: will Nadiya agree to Ahmar under these circumstances?


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Shabana Mukhtar