Drama Review | Sinf e Aahan | Episode 11

A little recap of episode 10 of Sinf-e-Aahan

Major Sania has asked all the LCs to write a letter to their families.

Sinf-e-Aahan episode 11 written update and review

So, Major Sania has asked all the LCs to write a letter to their families. These letters are more like heartfelt expressions of feelings. The first one is Mahjabeen, and her life has undergone probably the most significant change. I also love how it is shot, partly in Mahjabeen’s voice as she writes the letter, and partly in her mother’s voice.
The next one is Shaista, and hers is comedic and emotional at the same time. And Yumna is still the bestest performer ever.
Another beautifully shot scene (and funny) is when Periwesh and Shaista talk to Rabia and Mahjabeen respectively that the rival girl isn’t as bad as the other one. I always love when between two differently shot scenes are stitched together for one common narrative. Very often done but it amazes me every single time. Ek line idhar se ek udhar se. Sawal idhar, jawab udhar… I like it.
The training regime is getting tougher by each passing day. Crawling on the ground is probably the most fascinating skill for me ever since my Ibn-e-Safi days, which is like when I was six years old.
Rabia finds out that Nathami understands Urdu afterall. This is a good progress, because now there wouldn’t be too many scenes in English. It is so hard to explain things to mom when long scenes are in language other than Urdu.
We see another sneak peek into Kiran’s past. Sumaiya and Ibrahim discuss Kiran’s weird behaviour. It was more like a one-sided discussion. But I like Ibrahim’s reaction. Aurton ka emotional connection aur hi level ka hota hai. I wrote a novel with my hero’s name as Ibrahim. I have unpublished that novel now but it was one of my favourite stories. I will try to publish it on my blog perhaps tomorrow.
We had a little family gathering at home and I’m tired to my bones but I couldn’t sleep without watching the episode. There’s so much to cover. Aur ab kal Sang e Maah aayega. Can’t wait for that.

What do others feel about this episode?

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Shabana Mukhtar