Drama Review | Bebasi | Episode 25

A little recap

Neeli and Anees are guests are Ahmar’s and Neeli is determined to ruin Ifrah’s life


Bebasi episode 25 written update and review

Neeli has sole purpose in life: ruining Ifrah’s married life. Since she has told Ahmar about Sahir, and Sahir has also seen Sahir once, he is now pondering why Ifrah is hiding the truth from him.

Mahrukh orders Ahmar to kick Neeli, Anees and Ifrah out of the house. For the first time since Bebasi started, Ahmar puts his foot down and tells Mahrukh to back down.

“If you kick them out, I would never listen to anything you want,” Ahmar says.

Ahmar apologizes to Anees and Neeli, and Anees suggests that Neeli should apologize to Mahrukh. This is the perfect chance for Neeli to tell Mahrukh everything. Since both Mahrukh and Neeli are against Ifrah, I’m sure their alliance will impact Ifrah and Ahmar’s life. Ifrah is concealing the truth while Ahmar is distrusting of his wife, this is the most cliche conflict between a couple.

Mahrukh forces Manzoor to throw away Ifrah’s stuff. Ifrah knows this and still can’t stop Manzoor. I don’t understand why she doesn’t retaliate. I would scratch your eyes right out if you touch my stuff. I don’t expect Ifrah to go to that length, but she should have done something for her stuff. Aise hota nahin hai. Girls are possessive about their belongings.

Sajid and Azra are worried about Ifrah lately. They even consider

Nadiya goes to meet Ahmar at his office and asks him to go out for lunch. Ahmar loses his temper and shouts at her (not cool, Ahmar). He also loses his calm on his ever-so-loyal

The episode ends as Ahmar goes to the sight area despite bad weather forecast. Ab kya hoga? Accident?.


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