Favourite Drama List | Imran Ashraf

Imran Ashraf is a powerhouse of talent, and he has impressed me ever since I first watched him in Dillagi. Here is a list of his dramas that I have watched over the years. The list is toughly in the order in which I’ve seen him.

1. Dastagir in Dillagi (2016)

He is chubby and almost inrecognizable in this entire series. This shows that he was not as good an actor when he bagan.

2. Azhar in Dil Mom Ka Diya (2018)

Azhar is one of the most adorable people ever.

3. Bhola in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi (2018)

This was Imran’s rise to fame. People loved his mentally-challenged funny AF character Bhola. Haan ji!

4. Adam in Mushk (2020)

This is one of his best performances ever.  Adam is the epitome of calm and control.

5. Bilal Chaudhry aka Billu Chaudhry in Chaudhry & Sons (2022)

I liked him the best as Adam in Mushk, but then Chaudhry & Sons changed everything.

Which one of these are your favourites?

Shabana Mukhtar