Drama Review | Dil Awaiz | Episode 4

Dil Awaiz

This is a story of a young girl named Dil Awaiz who despite living in her father’s house is treated as an orphan and is deprived of love and care. Dil Awaiz’s father, Shahab Uddin is an influential and wealthy businessman who keeps his distance from his firstborn, Dil Awaiz due to her mother’s past. Things take an unexpected turn when a handsome, young man Sikandar enters Dil Awaiz’s life and once again she is expected to compromise and sacrifice herself in order to save her family’s honour and respect. Despite living like an outsider all her life will Dil Awaiz be able to make yet another sacrifice? Even after all the atrocities, will Dil Awaiz be able to gain due respect in the house?

Writer: Madiha Shahid

Director: Mazhar Moin

Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment

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Dil Awaiz Episode 4 Written Update & Review  

Subhan, Sikander’s father knows that he wants to talk about something. Sikandar doesn’t want to see many girls to get married. He meets Sobia and his parents. Sobia is career oriented, and she puts herself before anyone else, and she doesn’t want to be tied into too many relations. I don’t think Sikandar likes that. Sobia likes nuclear families and Sikandar likes to be connected to his root.

This marriage cannot happen. Yeh Shaadi nahin ho sakti.


Dil Awaiz is frustrated with her circumstances now. The next morning, Roshan Ara is furious at Dil Awaiz. She still asks Dil Awaiz to look after the household chores. What’s her problem?

Nawab Shahabuddin goes to his farm and meets Karamdeen. He learns that Kashan visits the farms often and takes money without signing the papers. Nawab Shahabuddin orders Karamdeen to never give any money to anyone.

Durdana wants the marriage to take place in her house per her late husband’s wish, so the family moves to their house. She gets her leg broken, so Roshan Ara sends Dil Awaiz and Akka Bi to look after the household work. This also means that Kashan would constantly harass Dil Awaiz… Tch…


Roshan Ara is bitter against Dil Awaiz and Akka Bi, but she is also very short tempered even if it comes to her own daughter Faria. The way she snaps at Faria tickled me. But I would like to know why that is. I guess she is just that kinda person who likes everything per her wish.

Sabeena and Javeria are playing such malicious people but their portrayal is so so good. Also, Roshan Ara was crocheting something in one of the scenes. #relatable


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