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Siwaiyaan | Eid Day 2 | Yasir Hussain | Sonya Hussyn | Special Telefilm | 4th May 2022

Siwaiyaan is a unique story about a married couple planning to go for divorce but ends up in a situation with two dead bodies and a group of over the top family members which makes them realize that may be they do have some spark left.

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Cast & Characters 

Yasir Hussain as Ahsan

The male lead

Sonya Hussyn as Neelam aka Neelo

The heroine, Ahsan’s wife

Ahsan’s mother

Saifi Hassan 

Ahsan’s father

Zeba Shahnaz as Dadi

Ahsan’s grandmother

Neelo’s mother 

Nayyar Ejaz as Buland Saheb

Neelo’s mamu, a policeman always on the look-out of someone (thief, murderer) or something (chars, cocaine). He thinks that Ahsan does drugs.


Neelo’s boyfriend, does “aan-aan” habitually

Hina Rizwi as Rani

Neelo’s maid 


Plot Summary

Neelum talks to Ahsan over breakfast. They have filed for a divorce, and Neelo has decided to break the news to her family while serving them siwaiyaaN (hence the title)

Sallu comes home, they fight and Neelo ends up hitting Sallu with a pan. Funny scene. 

Rani comes home and sees Sallu, so Neelo hits Rani as well. Funnier scene.

And then Ahsan comes home with his family. There is a sweet confession of love, but right now, other things are more important. The way Ahsan finds out about two dead bodies was also hilarious. By the way, I don’t think Sallu and Rani are dead. 

The rest of the episode is about Ahsan and Neelo dealing with their eccentric family members and trying hard to hide the two bodies. They form an ally, and then…

And it ends on a HEA note.



  1. This telefilm was short and sweet and so well written. Out of all the Eid Special telefilms (which is five counting this one), I liked this one the best.
  2. There are many LOL moments, but one scene that I simply loved was Sallu starting to cry when Neelo says, “we want to welcome a new family member”.
  3. I don’t like Yasir Hussain in general but he acts well. Also, Sonya Hussyn and Yasir Hussain’s chemistry is on fire, always. Remember that telefilm with “mere rashk-e-qamar” song? I will link it here later.

    But they played a couple and it was fantastic. This one is no different. They are so good together.

    P.S.: Found it. It’s name it Dildariyan where Yasir Hussain plays a constable Dildar Hussain who shoots a don by mistake. Funny telefilm. I haven’t reviewed it, but I will try to.

  4. Nayyar Ejaz was funny, especially his walk away from the car.
  5. Saifi bhai is always a delight to watch. You all know how much I love his persona. 

Long story short, must watch this telefilm.


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