Drama Review | Dil-e-Momin | Episode 17

A little recap of episode 16

Aashi and Momin are engaged.

Dil-e-Momin episode 17 written update and review

Aashi and Fari are out for bridal shopping. And guess who runs into them at the mall?


Fakhr, that’s who. He creates a scene, talks rubbish about Aashi, and in general leaves us with a bitter taste in my mouth.


Fakhr still hasn’t left Aashi alone. And Fakhr’s words don’t leave Momin alone. This is so strange. Doesn’t Momin know Aashi but at all? Of course he does, but Aashi doesn’t know this. She asks Ansa to talk to Momin. This scene seemed like a stretch. I mean, it didn’t need to be so long.


Kaise kisi ajnabi ki baat se badguman ho jata? Momin asks Aashi.


Remember this. Exam mein aayega… I mean… Aashi wouldn’t remember this. Woh Momin se badguman ho jayegi. Don’t you think?


Talking about unnecessary scenes, we see Maya and her mother bickering about Gohar and Momin again. This is getting too much yaar.



This episode had too many replays. Something happens to Aashi, and then she remembers it. Momin talks to Ansa, and then the WHOLE conversation replays. Maya has her mother talk, and then we see the whole conversation. In my sister’s words, episode ko aise hi lapa diya.n


Asad Azhar has a small but he leaves an impact when he is on the screen. This drama may not have a good story but the actors are doing a fine job. Faisal Qureshi looks stunning in this blue shirt, no?

This was a fun episode because I had to review only one. Haha.

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Shabana Mukhtar