Drama Review | Sang-e-Maah | Episode 1

Sang-e-Maah is upcoming Hum TV Drama of 2022. So far, we know about a handful of handpicked cast members. 

So, the much awaited drama of 2022 is here. 

The episode is so unusual. While we have seen like a zillion dramas starting with azaan, this drama opens with some sikh bhajan. We learn that Mastan Singh is seeking something from his “sarkar”. In the past twenty years, he hasn’t slept. That’s a bit extreme, whatever he is pursuing, I would have probably quit in twenty days. But then stories aren’t told for normal people like me. Haha.


We then meet Zargoona who shoots at something while her servant Badaam Gul and her daughter Gul Meena.


Zargoona is a strong headed woman who is almost an outcast. She lives like a man, and she doesn’t even meet her own sister Zarsanga.

Why? We don’t know yet. 


Zarsanga is worried about her older son Hilmand who spends time at Qabrastan and talks in rhymes. He considers his father an enemy, and doesn’t go home even if his mother calls him. 

Hikmat Ullah, the younger son likes his cousin Gul Meena. He seems like a free-spirited person. 

Haji doesn’t like that Hilmand spends the time with poor people. What’s the tiff between Hilmand and Haji. 

Sheherzaad wants to do a story on Ghaq (or is it ghab?) Basically it’s a tradition where a Khan fires a few shots in front of the house of the girl he likes. In short, this calls for a big phadda. Apparently, this has happened only twice-thirty years ago and now. 

Zarsanga is pissed about the Ghaq thing, and wants Sabz Ali (the guy who fired shots in front of Shah Pari’s house) to be shot dead. Didn’t we all think of her as a tame and meek woman? We will learn about the backstory later. She is bitter for a reason. 


Omair Rana, oh my goodness, what an actor! I like his choices. We see him as a cunniving man Sarwar who lusts after his daughter-in-law in Pyaar Ke Sadqay, and then a loving father Mansoor, a man with drinking problems in Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay 

This drama is so beautifully written. One character (Hilmand Khan) talking in rhymes, it must have taken a lot of time and effort. 

Now, let’s get to the elephant in the room – Atif Aslam. Of late, the singers of the Pakistani industries are turning towards acting. Of all those singers-turned-actors, I was looking forwards to seeing Atif the most.

And boy does he deliver. Fierce, intense, brooding, and a little bit crazy, Hilmand is the person who intrigued me the most. And, our dear Atif has done a fabulous job. From hix sexy voice to his steely expressions, the man has impressed me. And, he is the same man whom we watched in Velo Sound Station crooning Kadi Te Hans Bol Ve. What a transformation!


I will update the list as I watch the drama.

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Shabana Mukhtar


  1. I ended up posting on some other topic, this rant will have to wait another day 😉

  2. liza says:

    yaar atif chaa gaya !!! he was soo good and tbh his dialogue delivery and voice was just sooo sexy wth. anyway i was eagerly waiting for your rant that was bubbling inside you which you wanted to pen down but i guess you were busy

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