Drama Review | Dil-e-Momin | Episode 7

I don’t understand Islam a lot but is it permissible to pursue a girl the way Momin is doing?
“Mohabbat agar izzat ki pehredar ban jaye to koi ladki ruswa na ho,” Imam Sahib to Momin.
Let me rephrase what Imam Sahib is trying to say. He is asking all the guys to control their urges to humiliate their love, if at all there is one. In today’s world, it’s all about dikhawa and show-off and openly pursuing the one you love. Seekho, na-layeq ladko, kuch seeko in dramon se.
Enters Saad Azhar as Fakhr, Aashi’s fiance. He is so effortlessly talented. And such a charismatic personality he has. Be it the  hyper-loyal Feroz in Parizaad or that shady lawyer Iftekhar in Akhir Kab Tak. Aur jo woh meethi meethi nazron se Aashi ko dekhta hai, uff…
Momin learns about Fakhr and goes to talks to Jameel. I would say that was a bad move on Momin’s part, but I am not writing the screenplay, someone else is. Anyway, if Jameel was not enough to humiliate Momin, Aashi joins the forces. She challenges Momin to take her with him.
“Aise nahin le jaunga,” Momin says.
Chalo chhutti.
Ansa’ character is so positive. She even scolds Aashi for talking rudely to Momin.
This episode has stellar performances. Saba Faisal, Shabeer Jan, Momal Shaikh, Saad, Faisal Qureshi, Tara Mehmood; everyone has played their part so well… But Saad Azhar’s one look at Aashi has been the best moment for me. What about you? Which scene do you like the best?

Shabana Mukhtar