Drama Review | Dil-e-Momin | Episode 8

Alright, so I have reached the end of this 3-episode binge.

A little recap

Aashi has challenged Momin to take her with him, but Momin wants “ki usko izzat ke saath rukhsat kar ke le jaye.” Maya has announced that she would not go to the university.

Dil-e-Momin episode 8 written update and review

Fari, Waleed and their mothers are out for shopping. They see Fakhr teasing a girl. When they interfere, Fakhr rudely asks them to keep away and mind their own business. Waleed even tries to hit Fakhr. Zehra meddles so there is no fuss in public. But we know one thing – Aashi wouldn’t have a happy life.
“Apne hi kaam aate hain,” Fakhr says to Zehra.
This intrigues Fari, who is still thinking about that event even after coming home. When Ainee and Fari ask Zehra about the same, Zehra lies to her daughters. I don’t understand why Zehra is hiding that she knows Fakhr. This lie isn’t helping anyone, so why lie? Momin ki amma se yeh umeed nahin thhi.
I have never liked Aashi but I only thought she is short-tempered. But she is also selfish and rude. In this episode, she taunts that Ansa agreed to Fakhr’s proposal for his monies. I know, some silly daughters might say that. Her rudeness doesn’t end here. Aashi even taunts Ansa, her own mother for wanting to save her marriage over her daughter’s happiness.
Aisi bhi betiyaan hoti hain? We are showing such a pious man who always tries to please Allah and people alike. How could Aashi talk to her mother so rudely? I mean… there should have been some sort of balance, no?  I don’t know what future holds but Aashi isn’t the best match for Momin.
Maya’s friends Ayeza and Sameya are worried about Maya’s continued presence, so they suggest that Momin should talk to Maya to come back and join university. Kyu bhai?
I mean… There are two issues here. For one, Maya has left the university over nothing. Is it allowed in universities? Secondly, why should a professor be so concerned if a student chooses to skip clases?
Maya’s friends Ayeza and Sameya do talk to Momin. The whole conversation is so cringy. If I were a professor and my students blamed me for shit, I would have… I don’t know… I wouldn’t have listened to them. And there is Momin, who is convinced that he should talk to Maya. Aisa bhi koi seedha na ho. Two minutes ago they were so rude to Momin, and yet…
But wait… They justify it. Momin thinks that since he has hurt Maya, it’s Maya’s baddua that is causing him hurt and pain for his love. I didn’t see that coming.
Can I be honest? I don’t get this drama. I mean, the premise was strong but things are so random and extreme. I am not sure if I will be watching the future episodes. But hey, I change my mind all the time.
I’m starting to watch another drama. My post for the cast of Bebasi is already live. Someone searched for my review of Bebasi; I can check in my daily reports. I’m so touched. Whoever it is, you could have directly asked me. I take my visitors very seriously.
Anyway, I will be posting the review for Bebasi soon.

Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. I agree… Aashi’s character and Momal’s performance as Aashi both are testing my patience.

  2. liza says:

    i think im gonna stop DEM now… it’s just getting more and more ridiculous.. the same old story.. and momal sheikh’s acting is just getting too annoying (for me). although i do like her irl but her acting doesnt make it… and the more i watch it.. the more torturous it feels.. i only want to watch it for madiha imam but her screen time is awfully short… so yeah… despite starting off on a great note, this has tragically gone downhill and DEM is officially off my list now :””)

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