Drama Review | Dobara | Hum TV | Episode 12

Dobara Episode 12 Written Update & Review

Alright, so now things are out in the open. Everyone knows that Mehrunnisa wants to get married. What they don’t know is, that she isn’t thinking of marrying Ibtesaam. 

Affan is throwing tantrums and has left the house while Zameer is talking rubbish trying to steer Minal away from her stance. I like that Minal doesn’t budge from her viewpoint. she seems upset by her mother’s decision but when she speaks, she always favours Mehrunnisa. I think sooner or later, she will learn that Zameer isn’t the man she thinks he is.

Mahir, on the other hand, is still torn. He hasn’t called Mehrunnisa  yet, even though Babar keeps reminding him. Mahir has gotten a job, though. Something, anything to contribute his bit as he is sharing an apartment with Babar.


I wasn’t keen on reviewing this drama. I’m lagging on my review schedule, but things are to bitter lately.

So, where was I?

Mahir’s mother (was it Naheed or Madiha?) and Anwar are going to US to meet their son Azfar. I still don’t understand the relevance of Mahir’s mother’s track. Every time she is there, the subplot doesn’t progress at all. Mahir’s step father (Anwar, was it?) is cribbing about Mahir. What’s the relevance? Mahir isn’t in touch with his parents any more. Then why do we see them? Would Azfar, Anwar’s real son turn out to be a bigger disappointment? 

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