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A little recap from episode 11

Kanwal has decided to withdraw the case against Arsalan.

Ishq-e-Laa episode 12 written update and review

Discalimer: Spoilers ahead!

Azlan comes to take Shanaya home, but she is already away to look after Sultan’s family. Isn’t this girl sweet? I love, love, love that Azlan is now standing by Shanaya.

Aliha still isn’t home despite the fact that Kanwal has withdrawn the case. They finally get a call to pickup Aliha. My heart raced violently as Shanaya followed Kanwal’s cab.  Only one question is on my mind-is Aliha even alive?

Oh, she is alive, but the goons spot Shanaya filming them. They follow Shanaya, shoot her right before Azlan’s eyes, and take her purse away. Azlan takes Shanaya to the hospital.

Ibadat mohabbat bhi karte huye Duaon mein yun bhi utarta hai dil

Tere zikr se kar ke aksar wazu, Namaz-e-mohabbat bhi padhta hai dil

And then just like that, Shanaya loses the battle of life.

Seriously? Just like that?

This drama isn’t like Akhir Kab Tak that Shanaya would come back. I had sort of sensed that Shanaya would be in trouble. But I hadn’t expected her character to go away so early.

Azlan’s mother, Shanaya’s mother, Azka’s mother, Kanwal… everyone is distressed, but Azka… I don’t know. I guess she is too shocked to react to Shanaya’s death. In the first two episodes, I had a feeling; a feeling that Azka longs to be in a place like Azlan’s house. I wonder if Azlan would now fall for Azka’s charm.

Arbab Haroon has the audacity to come to the graveyard to offer condolences (again reminding me of Khani). Ghayas and Azlan, both know that Arbab is behind Shanaya’s murder.

I would love to see how this tiff goes. Sultan was poor, but Azlan isn’t. Now, the fight is between two rich families.

I like how they showed the electric pole with a camera. I hope that has relevance.

The best scene

The best scene for me was the phone conversation between Azlan and Shanaya. You can feel just how much they love each other. That tiny smile on Shanaya’s face when she picks up Azlan’s phone speaks volumes. and the credit goes to Sajal.

A word on performance

Okay, since Sajal is gone. Let’s take a moment to praise her talent, and just how beautiful she looked in Ishq-e-Laa. When she is running towards Azlan on that road, she looked so gorgeous. I mean, someone can look so pretty even when distressed.

Uzma is so good in that scene where Kanwal and Aliha re-unite.

Azan Sami Khan so far has been performing well, but his angsty/sad expressions in the hospital or before Shanaya’s janaza did not touch me as much. However, my heart went out to him to see him in the masjid. I don’t agree to the way he prayed. Aisi dua nahin karte mere bachhe.

In the first few episodes, Shanaya came across as inexperiences and insensitive while she interviewed people. In this episode again, I feel that she should have been a bit more careful. I know, this is how the plot was supposed to progress, but if you see Shanaya in isolation, she isn’t very careful.


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Shabana Mukhtar


  1. Liza says:

    I cried buckets when shanaya died. Some viewers already had a tingling sense that shanaya would die and Azkaban would marry azlan. But yes as,e I didn’t expect her to die so quickly. And shanaya dying just ripped me part, I couldn’t stop crying. Sajal is one of a hell fine actress.

    I also agree azaan sami khan needs a bit of polishing but his grief was quite convincing. Also sabse bari mayoosi ku baat yeh hai ku azkas reaction was just so disappointing… I think she was still trying to internalize but she didn’t show remorse at all. Well I don’t yumna, I blame the director or writer or perhaps they are trying to show her that way.

    Shanaya was destined to ice from day one, showing explicitly on how dangerous her work was. She was independent, fearless and courageous. A role model to young women. Allah loved her so much that he wanted her with Him soon.

    RIP SHANAYA. And thank you sajal for your impactful performance. You’ll be missed.

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