Drama Review | Dobara | Hum TV | Episode 22

A little recap of episode 21

Mahir is taking over the whole business, leaving Affan, Seher and others miffed. Adeela is suspicious that Jehangir is having an affair. How would she behave when she learns the truth?

Dobara episode 22 written update and review

This drama is primarily about Mehrunnisa and how she met her mother-in-law. Jehangir has had a heart attack and Mehrunnisa brings her to an expensive clinic. That whole revelation scene was nicely done and I immensely enjoyed Adeela’s reactions. So funny!
Affan isn’t happy about Mahir’s control over the office, and he doesn’t want to work at the same office. This was quite expected. What I hadn’t expected was that even uncle Fareed is impressed by Mahir. Shahryar Zaidi is lovely as ever in that scene.
Durdana tells Seher to tarnish Mahir’s character to be rid of him. This doesn’t sound good, but I’m eager to see what they have planned.
Shabeer, one of the servants teases Shani (Mahir’s naam ki behen), and Mahir notices this. He wouldn’t let it slide just like this. I loved loved loved how Mahir handled the whole situation. Bilal Abbas Khan, oh my goodness… He’s so so handsome. I watched that scene just to appreciate how handsome he looks and how well he has acted. This episode has recovered the bleh image that the previous few episodes has created. This was quite fast-paced and many things have happened.
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Shabana Mukhtar