Drama Review | Dobara | Hum TV | Episode 29

Dobara episode 29 written update and review

Nayyara is back

We all love her. She is the sole ray of hope and positivity in Mehrunnisa’s life. This time again, we see her knocking a lot of sense into Mehrunnisa’s head.

“Aulad nahin, mohabbat rishton ko bandh ke rakhti hai,” Nayyara tells Mehrunnisa.

Mahir vs Anwar

This was the much-needed confrontation and closure. Mahir reminds Anwar of how he married Naheed, and that he is merging with Anwar’s firm.

“You had spent some tiny amount of my education. So, I will return the favour by giving you a extension after your retiral age,” Mahir tells Anwar.

Anwar takes 180 degree turn. He now calls Mahir “his son” and asks Naheed to reestablish her ties with Mahir. Uff, paisa has so much of power.

Mahir meets Nadiya

Mahir confronts Nadiya about Zameer, and in short, tells Nadiya to back off.  This conversation goes so well. Nadiya loses her temper over this.

“I’m not going to be part of any business deal,” she tells Mahir.

Mahir’s deal with Zameer

Mahir is on fire today. First, he sets the whole Nadiya thing straight. After that, he offers Zameer a project that he can’t say no to. Now, Zameer has vowed to be with Minal, forever. One little deal has set everything straight.

P.S.: Nabeel is so freaking handsome.

Minal finds Hidayatullah’s truth

Per Affan’s instructions, Minal finds the box that has memories of Hidayatullah’s past with another woman. This breaks her. But all is well that ends well. This little tiff of 20 crores has finally brought Zameer and Minal closer together, again.

Mahir runs into Narmeen

His ex-flame, rememeber?

Now that he sees his old lady love, will he remember to praise and be in awe of Mehrunnisa as much as he used to? I don’t think so.

I think this is the final conflict in Dobara. 2-3 more episodes and this will be over,


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Shabana Mukhtar