Drama Review | Angna | Episode 47

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Angna Episode 47 Written Updates and Review

Nida tells Sallu to come the next day, as today another family is coming to see her. Despite her wishes, Nayla and Shaukat are forcing Nida to agree to this proposal. The family is too greedy and asks for a dowry–jewellery, car, and stuff. 
That ends well, right? It’s in Sallu’s favour.
Sallu’s mother, however, is not entirely onboard with her son liking Nida.


Saira is not ignoring Zain. This is just her way to emotionally blackmail Zain into marrying someone else. This is getting tiring now.

Ziya introduces Nayab to Asad Minhaj. Would this Asad be the new hope in Nayab’s life? I think so.


Abeeha has broken her leg by falling from a stool. I was wondering that Abeeha hasn’t been to a hospital of late. Ahem.

Nayab calls Ammar to stay the eff away from Ayeza. Ammar is like: please, let Ayeza come back to me. He is so whiny.


Nida talks to Raza about Sallu. I like Raza’s question:
Sallu? Yeh kaisa naam hai?
I liked that Raza didn’t make it a matter of his ego. I am starting to like this dude Sajjal Pal. He looks hot when he smiles. I think he is quite talented, but he has chosen a wrong role.


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