Drama Review | Badzaat | Episode 21

Badzaat Episode 20 Recap

Wali has taken Anabiya to the police station, and this creates a havoc at home.

Badzaat Episode 21 Written Update and Review

A long-time grudge

Narmeen and Daniyal are full-on plotting against Wali. I still don’t understand what this mother-son duo has against Wali.

Akbar Hussain is a sensible man

Daniyal is being too emotional and persuasive that Wali must be behind Biya’s kidnapping. He tries hard to convince his father to be rid of Wali, but then Akbar Hussain isn’t as stupid as he is taken to be. He tells Daniyal that Wali IS NOT behind Biya’s kidnapping.

“Koi bhi mujrim suragh chore bina kaam nahin karta. Hamara kaam mujrim ko saza dena hai, Wali ko mujrim saabit karna nahin,” Akbar Hussain tells Daniyal.

Biya is the most annoying heroine, EVER

Biya goes to talk to Wali to apologize to her, but then she asks him to stay out of her matters. Behen, if you don’t want Wali to be part of your life, why do you keep going to his room? Just stay the fuck away from him. Biya is one of the most annoying and stupidest heroine I have ever seen in a long time.

Find Wali a girl, for goodness sake!

Of course, Narmeen sees Wali and Biya talking to each other. She blames it on Wali, and complains about him to Mehwish Begum (what else is new?).

“Bhabhi begum, please find a girl for Wali and get him married,” Narmeen tells Mehwish Begum.

Mehwish Begum is ready with a girl and a proposal. Palwasha, Fariha’s daughter from America; but Wali refuses to the proposal.

Kashif is an aunty

Hear me out. His nosy behaviour is just like an old aunt who wouldn’t let anyone live peacefully.

  • Tumhare ghar chalte hain.
  • Biya ke chehre par yeh zakhm kaisa hai?
  • Main shadi par pehle se aa kar rahunga.

Seriously, he is too much.

Biya goes to Wali’s room, AGAIN

Hasn’t she had enough? She goes to Wali’s room and pleads him to agree to marriage for her sake.

Argh, someone save me from this crap.

Wali agrees to the wedding on one condition. What that condition is, we will know tomorrow. Cliffhanger, people!


Ek toh Imran Ashraf, and ek Mehmood Aslam saheb, these two are carrying the drama on their shoulders. Everyone else is just delivering their lines without any emotions.


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So long!

Shabana Mukhtar