Drama Review | Habs | Episode 2 | A Suffocating Romance in the Making

Habs Episode 2 Written Review & Update

Basit’s Track

Basit is in a soup. Salman has conditioned his life to his marriage. It reminds me of a telefilm Dino Ki Dulhaniya where Dino (Feroza Khan) would get pocket money only if he gets married. That was a rom-com telefilm, and this one is going to be a serious and seemingly abusive one, but the premise is the same–a marriage of contract. If you like Contract Marriage trope, you might like my books: Once Upon a Crush & Once Upon a Contract.

Coming back to the story…

Per Salman’s wishes, Basit agrees to meet Shano. Their conversation is interesting. Shano is the new-age girl. She isn’t shy of talking to, or even arguing with, her prospective groom. Ayesha Omer is gorgeous as ever, and she nails her character as Shano. 

Since Basit needs money for his company, he needs to tie the knot asap, so he meets Shano again. Waiting for the unromantic proposal. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…

Ayesha’s Track

Talal and Shamsa come to ask for Bano’s hand in marriage. At this point, any reasonable mother would say, “Miyan Biwi Raazi to kya karega Qazi, but Ayesha’s mother doesn’t buy that logic. Since Saba’s character isn’t named yet, we will just call her Saba for sake of simplicity. Saba sounds much metter than “Ayesha’s mother”, right?

Saba humiliates Shamsa and Talal, accusing them of putting Bano against her. Bobby, surprisingly, takes her bhabhi’s side. The conversation gets bitter quickly, making Talal and Shamsa leave the house. This scene was inevitable. We all knew that Saba wouldn’t approve of the proposal so easily. Bobby’s support interested me more than the whole Shamsa-Talal banter. 

We learn that Bobby once liked someone and wanted to marry him, but Saba was against it. Now, she kinda sorta challenges Saba–apni beti ko mana kar ke dikhao to janein. 

One little line explained so much. Bobby’s bitterness and angst against everything, her reckless expenditure, this is all her way of taking revenge. I like it.

Later, Bano meets Talal and they decide to quietly do nikah. While Ayesha isn’t completely on board with this decision, she also knows that this might be the only way for Bano to be happy. Saba overhears this conversation. The expressions on her face were unreadable. Is she guilty of stealing her daughter’s happiness? Or is she thinking of a way to stop this nikah? I can’t say for sure, but I’m curious to know.

My First Impression of Habs

It has been only two episodes, and I have watched them both without an intention to review them as Liza has taken it up, but Habs does intrigue me. For one, it’s title itself tells us that we are gearing up for a suffocating and seemingly steamy romance.

Secondly, the cast is a good mix.

  • It stars Ushna Shah who I like and adore.
  • Feroze Khan is not his usual self as he was in Aye Musht-e-Khak (Mustajab was so annoying), or Hamza in Ishqiya (That was straight up harassement).
  • Throw in gorgeous Ayesha Omer into the mix to create a love triangle.
  • Now, that’s something I maybe interested to see.

This is just my two cents on the second episode of Habs.


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Shabana Mukhtar