Drama Review | Dobara | Hum TV | Episode 33

Dobara episode 33 written update and review

 Mahir and Narmeen have decided to get married soon. Babar, the ever so loyal devar of Mehrunnisa informs the latter about Mahir’s plan. Mehrunnisa is as devastated as could be. Even so, she decides to let Mahir go. That’s not all. She meets Naheed and admits that all mothers would want a younger bahu. Salute to this woman, I say. If only all wives were so understanding, second marriages would be so easy, hehe.


 Narmeen is guilty and doubleminded about marrying Mahir, Mahir is just as confused. Eventually, he doesn’t go for nikaah (Narmeen didn’t show up, either). 



The couple Mahir and Mehrunnisa run into each other in the park (life comes full circle, huh?). Mahir tells Mehrunnisa that her love was so deep that he couldn’t get through and marry any other woman. Some cute talk and then happily ever after.

What the hell? 


Abhi in last episode, he said he loved Narmeen. And that Mehrunnisa can never give him love. And now… 

Anywho! This brings us to the finale. Thank goodness it’s over.



 I like that Narmeen also backed out, I like that Mahir also realized his mistake but somehow the HEA doesn’t seem fulfilling.  ~



 Bilal Abbas Khan is one of the most good-looking and most talented young man we have in Pakistani industry. The way he emotes and expresses using his eyes just touches the viewer’s heart.

But I have a problem with Mahir. This character was so problematic. I will dedicate a separate post for Mahir alone.

Zoya Nasir and Hadiqa Kiyani are also good. Shabeer Jan and Fareeha Shabeer deliver some fine performances as middle-class parents. Overall, a talented team with a not-so-tight script and dubious characters. 


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Shabana Mukhtar