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Writer: Ali Moeen

Director: Abdullah Badini Producer: Zeeshan Ahmed

Executive Producer: Tamoor Tariq

Produced by: Mont Blanc Entertainment

Dushman Synopsis

It’s an adventurous and action-packed story revolving around the two landlord families who are indulged in rivalries.

Dushman Episode 8 Written Update and Review

This review is going to be short as nothing much happened this episode.

So Sassi is ridden with emotions as she misses her ever-loving husband and goes to his room. Living in his memories. But, Malkani spots her and is outraged. 

Who are you and what are you doing in Waris’s room!

Sassi blabbers about things that Waris told her. Malkani is even more enraged. She throws Sassi out of his room, literally. She lies unconscious.

A doctor is called and reveals to Sohni and Malkani that Sassi is pregnant.


Meanwhile at the Mai Laali’s, Rani is in hot water as Mai finds out that Rani has hidden Sassi’s Nikkahnamma from her. She orders Rani’s Nikkah to Khalid, Mai’s guard, who is in love with Rani.

Rani however, does not want this and tries to escape. After overhearing Mai’s plans to shut Rani up for good.

Rani runs away from Mai Laali’s haveli, for good.

But will Mai find her?


Malkani wants Sassi out. So Sohni tells Sassi to get out of their house. Ranjha, the kind soul, respectfully drops her at Waris’s and Sassi’s home and even asks the guards to keep a look out for Mai’s guards.

Nayyer Ejaz was the star of the episode.


The next episode’s promo looks like Sassi will finally tell Malkani about her truth. Excited!

Drama Review

Overall, Dushman still continues to impress. Every episode keeps you wanting more. One episode a week is not enough. I want more!


Until then, check out my next review!