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So, Narmeen breaks up with Mahir. He hasn’t even mourn the break-up when Aziza throws the bag outside. She doesn’t open the gate for Mahir and asks him to leave. I think her actions are just. She’s a stepmother who has never shared a good bond with Mahir. After Mahir has stolen things, she couldn’t possibly let him stay under the same roof.

So, our handsome hero sleeps in the park. Mehrunnisa sees him, they get to talking and Mahir talks about himself.


“Do maan hain do baap par ghar ek bhi nahin hai,” Mahir says.

Mehrunnisa takes Mahir out for breakfast, and also gives Mahir a ride. They are getting along well together, like friends, but sooner or later one of them will change the way they think.

This episode also introduces (possibly) Javed Shaikh’s character Ibtesaam. Durdana phupho is seen talking to someone over phone. She invites over the said Ibtesaam, “don’t worry about the accomodation.”

I think Ibtesaam is Shaikh Sahab.

Sakeena aapa has given a flawless performance as phupho. What a performance! I couldn’t take my eyes off her. First of all, this episode has a lot of screen time for Durdana phupho. Second of all, Sakeena aapa has aced every single expression. From gawking at Mehrunnisa (khunnas) to asking her to join for shopping spree (childlike enthusiasm), and from interrupting Mehru’s conversation with Mahir (nosy and curious), to agreeing to everything that Seher’s mother demanded… These scenes have tons of tiny little expressions that made me become a huge admirer of the actress. The winning expression was the one when she talks to Seher.


“Seher, beta, tum maa ki madad nahin kartin?” Durdana phupho asks.

“We have maids,” Seher replies.

And the shock that phupho gets. Simply awesome.

Loved Zameer offering namaz. He’s dealing with a large business empire of sorts but the man offers namaz at the end of the day. Such small scenes and frames add to the beauty of a drama.

On one hand there is a guy like Mahir who doesn’t care much even after his love breaks up with him, the protagonist who doesn’t take anything seriously. He bickers about his mother, and his father and how his old and new family let her down. When Mehrunnisa offers him to take out for breakfast, he agrees. He comes across as a person who doesn’t take anything seriously, not even his break-up. He doesn’t apologize for his wrongdoings, even justifies them. Chori ki cuz mera haq thha, ghalat kiya cuz parents have let me down… In short, he’s a protagonist with shades of a grey, which isn’t bad. It would be fun to see him get involved with Mehrunnisa for her monies and then slowly fall in love.

On the other hand, we have Zameer who is handling his own thing, and then he’s looking after Hidayat Ullah’s business. When he sees Mehrunnisa with Mahir, he doesn’t just spills it to Minal. Even in the earlier episodes, he is shown to be a sensible man. He comes across as a dependable guy, a guy who can do no wrong. But then, in office, he makes a call and talks about his idea on handling Hidayat Ullah’s vast business. Is he genuinely trying to make things work, or is he outsourcing some projects to someone else?


Zameer is either the good Samaritan who will stand by Mehrunnisa’s side, or the one person who will betray her when she least expects it. If he is shown to be a leech, I would be grossly disappointed. There are very few people who have the right attitude towards life. If we show them in a negative light, people will get the wrong impression of such people. We don’t want that. Rishteous people are in trouble as it is.

I might have had, and I still do have some reservations about what this drama is trying to portray and convey to the viewers, but so far, the direction and the production quality hasn’t disappointed. Most of the actors are on point with their roles. Bilal, Nabeel, Sakeena aapa, Osama… I felt that Angeline’s breaking down was a bit fake and forced. Her tears didn’t touch my heart, even though I cry easily. On the contrary, Mahir talking to Jehangir made me emotional.


Long story short, some scenes worked, and some didn’t.


Alright, waiting for Ishq-e-Laa tomorrow. Until we meet, stay safe and stay blessed.


Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. If he’s shady, I will stop believing in good. My gut says he’ll be nice.

  2. liza says:

    do you think the dammad is shady? idk i think he is nice, but then the shady music they played in the office.. maybe its to throw us off or hes too good to be true? what do you think?