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Shanaya and Azlan’s track

Shireen is meeting Mr & Mrs Raza to discuss Fahad’s proposal for Shanaya. Our super-successful dude Azlan still hasn’t learned his lesson. He thinks that Shanaya would leave Fahad over his friendship. I had thought that Shanaya would never do that. But I stand corrected. Shanaya is meeting Fahad and his mother Mehnaz. Things are going well until… Mr Arrogant calls Shanaya, Shanaya does not only pick up the call but also relents to his uncalled for bossyness. I like how Fahad is still smiling and keeping a bold face. He isn’t bitter, he’s hopeful and calm. Love his character.

The scene between Azlan and Shanaya is twisted and beautiful at the same time. Our heroine wants love in her life, while the hero doesn’t even know the meaning of love. Our heroine wants her life partner to know her world, while the hero does not want to be out of his comfort zone.

“Lagta hai tum se shaadi karni hi paregi,” Azlan says.

He doesn’t love Shanaya, and he isn’t sure of the reason he wants to marry Shanaya. She is so smitten by the love bug that she still agrees to marry Azlan.

Alright, that isn’t fair. Azlan does make an attempt to go with Shanaya and meet the people she meets. Even though he doesn’t agree to her philosophy of life, he still accompanies her, even eats golgappe with her even though he doesn’t like them. He is ready to change his ways for Shanaya, and that speaks volumes.

Oh, and this outing also spins a subplot for later. Right now, Azlan doesn’t believe in “zaat se zaat tak ka safar”, but we know that will change and soon.

Azka’s track

Sultan sells his bike to make a few bucks and run the kitchen, and pay Aliha’s school fee. Kanwal still isn’t happy. She has only one issue – why did Sultan leave the job for his sister?

Azka and her mother are trying their best to straighten things up.

Koi bhi samajhdar mard ghalat nahin sunta, na biwi ki, na maan ki. Jo maan bahen ki izzat nahin karta, wo biwi aur beti ki izzat bhi nahin kar sakta.

Learn to trust.

So far, Sultan and Kanwal’s is the only romance we are getting to watch. Also so far, Sultan is the best and my favourite character in this series. He is level-headed, balanced, and positive. We see so few of such people around us.

But the man has limits. Abid hatches a cunniving plan to trap Azka, and Kanwal helps him. She sends Azka to get the medicines. While Azka is out, a couple of men tease Azka. Azka isn’t as tame as she seems. She deals with them well, but then Abid makes his entry. He picks up the medicines, slips them to another man. Now, whoever sees them, it will look like they are out on a stroll. That’s not all. Abid even adjusts Azka’s chador.

And guess who spots them together?

Yep, Sultan!

A word about performances

Sajal looks haseen, and she’s doing justice to her character. Even Azan Sami Khan impresses me-that’s a first. His expression while Azlan and Shanaya are out, spot on.

Seemi Raheel is always a mother you feel for. She has such expressive eyes. Love her! Laila Zuberi’s little scene was also nice.

Sohail Sameer, what a performer he is. He is handsome, he has a nice voice, and he moulds himself as the role demands. I still can’t believe that he is the same man who plays Nazakat in Suno Chanda.

Chalo, off to review Amanat’s episode 9.

Shabana Mukhtar



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