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Chaap tilak sab cheen li re mose naina milaike…

Yesterday I watched Hadiqa’s version of Amir Khusro’s most popular kalaam. I like Abida Parveen and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s version better, but this one wasn’t bad, either.

I mention that, because I had always known Hadiqa as a gorgeous and versatile singer. After years of listening to “Zindagi Khaak na thhi”, I have now discovered another side of her – the actor Hadiqa. Atif is also appearing in upcoming drama Sang-e-Maah. Azan Sami Khan is playing Azlan in Ishq-e-Laa. Overall, good times for singers.

Alright, with that, let’s get to the latest episode of Dobara that released on December 15, 2021.

A little recap

Mahir teaches Mehrunnisa to drive a car in one day. Yeah, I’m still not over it. Affan loses his temper and asks Mahir to leave the house. He also asks Mehrunnisa to act his age. Heartbroken, Mehrunnisa decides to give up on her dreams, again.

Dobara episode 8 written update and review

I had thought that Mahir has gotten over Narmeen. I stand corrected. We see Mahir visit Narmeen’s house and learns about Narmeen’s nikaah. To say that he is heartbroken would be an understatement. He can’t meet Mehrunnisa, either. He has no reason to go to the club now. How will he pay his share of rent? We still don’t know.

Naheed calls Mahir to meet; she even asks Jahengir to join her so they could scold Mahir together? At first, Mahir is pleasantly surprised to see them together. But then the conversation starts and…. it goes downhill from there.
Naheed asks him about Mehrunnisa, saying things that a mother shouldn’t say to her son. Jehangir also adds his two cents irking Mahir further. Our protagonist loses temper easily, so he claims that:
“I would not leave Mehrunnisa, and I would marry her.”
This is just a tall claim out of anger, but we all know it will become his truth, and soon. 
We see Mehrunnisa ponder over her past. A flashback scene shows that Mehrunnisa wanted to study but Hidayatullah had said: It isn’t your age to study. Wait… Affan had said the same thing. Like father like son. Mehrunnisa still doesn’t have her freedom.
Javed Shaikh makes his entry as Ibtesaam, Durdana’s devar. Durdana wants Ibtesaam to marry Mehrunnisa, obvio, and she is going to great lengths to make sure that Ibtesaam impresses Mehrunnisa. Ibtesaam seems least interested, as he has his very many ailments to worry about. But he’s a funny character, and I am glad that he is part of the cast.
Mahir walked away from his parents after the not-so-pleasant conversation, and he is hit by a car. The nurse calls Babar to inform about Mahir’s accident. Babar, despite being a not-so-kind friend, rushes to attend to Mahir. The hospital needs money, and Babar is short on funds. He calls Jehangir, he calls Naheed, but nobody is willing to listen to him, thinking that Mahir is using his friend to get some money. Even if Mahir was such a person, I would hope a parent should at least listen. What if Mahir was dead? My heart goes out to Mahir. He is bitter for a reason.
Anywho, left with no option, Babar calls Mehrunnisa and seeks help. Mehrunnisa is too kind of a person to say no. I think their relationship will go to the next level once Mahir recovers.


We may have seen Javed Shaikh in a million dramas, but the man does try to bring in variety. We are watching him as Shahzad in Dil-e-Momin, a muttaqi parhezgar father. In here, he is playing a man with many ailments who is a puppet in the hands of Durdana phupho. I like his portrayal of Ibtesaam.  
Talking of Ibtesaam, this character seems a bit like hypochondriac Nazkat Ali in Suno Chanda.

What to expect from episode 9?

Mahir might decide to marry Mehrunnisa given his circumstances. There will be some comic relief from Ibtesaam. I think now the drama has gotten it’s groove, and has me hooked.
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Shabana Mukhtar