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Writer: Ali Moeen

Director: Abdullah Badini Producer: Zeeshan Ahmed

Executive Producer: Tamoor Tariq

Produced by: Mont Blanc Entertainment

Dushman Synopsis

It’s an adventurous and action-packed story revolving around the two landlord families who are indulged in rivalries.

Dushman Episode 4 Written Update and Review

**Spoiler Alert**

Sassi-Waris Track’s Unfortunate Demise

Yes, it’s true. Our most loved couple. At least, MY favourite couple of the drama met an unfortunate end.


So, Mai Laali’s trusty handmaiden, Rani spills the beans on Sassi’s phone call. Mai decides to bait Sassi by telling Sassi that she and Zain are going to visit lands. Sassi, poor Sassi, unaware of her mother’s schemes, sees this as the best opportunity to escape.

Mai informs Billiya, Mai’s Munshi to keep a lookout on Sassi and inform her about Sassi’s whereabouts.


Billiya finds out about Sassi and Waris and their secret house and informs Mai. Soon a whole truck load of guards come to surround their home.


And yes, it happened. Mai shoots Waris dead. I held my breath throughout the whole of 10-minutes. I knew this was coming. Oh, how I wish it wasn’t true. I was literally shattered. And the way Sassi broke down. Oof!

They wrap Waris’s coffin like a gift, so that they could send it to Malkani’s.


It’s a cause for celebration at the Mai Laali’s Haveli.


Mai also finds out that Sassi is pregnant. And she wants Sassi to be killed. To save her honour.

Malkani’s Helplessness

Malkani has a hunch about Waris’s death and is also prepared. Meanwhile, Dada Sain refuses to believe that Waris has lost his battle of love.

That scene was also so touching when Dada Sain keeps repeating that he will find Waris himself and he falls to the ground, completely helpless. Goosebumps!


Now with this development, the actual story is starting now.

Drama Review

Ok, this by far have to be one of the best dramas of the lot I’ve scene. I mean, the plot keeps thickening as it crescendos. I hold my breath every time I watch this. It’s as visually appealing as the plot. Everything is perfect. All a balance of Thriller, Romance, Drama. It’s keeps you super engaged each scene. The OST gets me all the time too!

Nadia Afgan is just too good yaar. Her expressions, nuance- all are there. Even Saman Ansari is good too. Except for her dialogue delivery. She needs to keep up her pace.

I’m gonna miss Hassan Niazi. His role was good and that too a pivotal one. His death will trigger the story even further. Like a catalyst.

Now Sassi will escape the Haveli for good. I can’t wait to see what Sassi will do. Ah! That scene where Sassi breaks down was also sooooo good! I had goosebumps there too. Sabeeka Imam really did mark her shot. Girl is good. But, her dialogue delivery needs to improve a bit.

Good stuff Team Dushman!


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