Drama Review | Pyar Deewangi Hai | Episode 5

Pyar Deewangi Hai | When Love Is Snatched Away

The story revolves around a beautiful girl, Rabi, and her cousin Mateen, who is also her neighbor and love interest.

Written By: Misbah Ali Syed

Director: Aabis Raza

Produced By: Fahad Mustafa

Producers: Big Bang Entertainment

[Source: ARY Digital]

Pyar Deewangi Hai Episode 5 Written Update and Review

Let’s just say this episode was the seal of the deal.

The episode was so underwhelming, I don’t think I can watch this. Now that the whole narrative is towards Saas-Bahu saga. Again.

So, Rabi is upset at Mateen for shouting at her and scolding her. He apologizes and promises her to never shout or scream at her ever again.


Saas Ki Chaal

Let the Saas-Bahu Games Begin. This time, the heroine doesn’t want to be volunteered as Tribute.

Nothing much that I can do up a long paragraph about about it. So basically, Naseem is painting a bad picture of Rabi in Mateen’s eyes. What’s new.

She complains to Mateen that Rabi doesn’t do most of the work and that all of it is done by Naseem herself. How smart Saas ji.

Rabi, being the acchi bahu, doesn’t complain much to Mateen abut his mother’s schemes.

Also, Naseem is such a two-faced bitch. One of my pet peeves are two-faced people so she really irritated the hell out of me. Don’t like her one bit.

Don’t get me started on the shopping scene. Naseem, with her chaal, again tells Rabi not to spend Mateen’s dad’s money for her shopping. So poor Rabi, with no other choice, just rejects everything that Mateen shows her. Sad!


Meanwhile Dawood is still in a bad mood and his mother apparently thinks he is heart broken about Sara and not Rabi. She kind of insinuates that Sara and Dawood were in a romantic relationship before. Seems to me that Sajida dislikes Sara.

Drama Review

This drama started off really well and now I regret watching this. I thought that maybe this would be different. But nah. Another disappointing story. Even if the actual story began a few episodes later, I don’t think I can watch it. Unless if you guys, let me know in the comments if I should REALLY watch this. If not, then this would be my lat review for this drama (until otherwise).

Also I don’t know why but this episode really threw me off with Gul e Rana ji’s black facing. Oh so awful! I just felt so irritated, I just wanted to skip her scenes. But it’s not fair because Gul e Rana ji is such a good actor here and she’s really doing a good job in this role. Sigh.


Until then, look out for my next review!