Drama Review: Ek Kasak Reh Gayi

Ek Kasak Reh Gayi is a Pakistani drama serial written by K Rehman and directed by Dilawar Malik.

The drama was first aired in September 2013 on Geo Entertainment channel. I watched it on Zindagi channel, before it was shut.



Sanam Saeed as Paras

Caring and protective older sister


Sarah Khan

Paras’s sister Sara. She has slightly different nature that Paras.


as Ammi

She is as humble as can be. She is living with his brother-in-law and is ever-so-grateful for their help.


Javed Shaikh as Taya

An extremist religious man who doesn’t shy away from beating daughters.

as Safiya Tayi


Taifoor Khan as Sarmad

Paras’ cousin and fiance. Later, when Paras gets married to Shahryar, he is married to


Meekal Zulfiqar as Shahryar

The male protagonist. He has a kidney problem and is therefore pampered by Bia. Bia wants him to marry Rania. He does not seem to have much of a personality or own decision power. Bia and Rania easily sway him.


Hina Khwaja Bayat as Bia

Shahryar’s sister. She runs an NGO and Shahryar’s life. Eheheh!

Mahek Ali as Rania

Shahryar’s girlfriend turned fiance turned ex-girlfriend turned wife turned

Mohsin Gillani as Papa

Rania’s father


Paras’s daughter


Paras, her mother and younger sister live with their Taya. Taya is very rigid and religious. Being rigid and being religious are two different things, but that’s who he is. His son Sarmad is following his father’s footsteps. Tayi, as one would expect trusts her husband blindly.

Paras works with Bia at her NGO.

The unnamed taya ji is a practicing maulvi. He wants the women of his household to observe pardah or they shouldn’t step out of the house. Needless to say, that he doesn’t like Paras’s job.

Paras is very close to Bia, and Bia often mentors her when Paras feels low.

Rania and Shahryar are in love, and Rania is obsessive about Shahryar.

Circumstance change and Rania doesn’t want to marry Shahryar anymore. Bia selfishly chooses Paras for Shahryar. Once they marry, Sarah is also forced to marry Sarmad.

Paras comes from a different background and Shahryar initially does not like her. Soon, things change for the better, and we see some romantic scenes between them.

Then, things change again, for worse. Paras donates her kidney for Shahryar to survive. Rania comes back in Shahryar’s life and Paras leave the house. Rania marries Shahryar.

Several years later, Shahryar finds out about his daughter Ajwa. He files a case for Ajwa’s custody. What’s even more interesting is that the court gives verdict in his favour, just because Paras does not have a very steady income. She raised her until now, for god’s sake. In this situation, Shahryar comes out as inconsiderate a-hole.

But, as one would hope, the reconcile. Taya also learns his lessons that his approach towards certain things were wrong. And, they live happily ever after.


The OST is one of my favourites. This is from a 5.5 years old fandome with Pakitani Drama Industry. The OST needs a dedicated post for praise. Duly noted!

The drama higlights the extremist side of a religious man who could have handled the situation better by behaving politely and kindly.

This drama has a very depressing feel. I feel the same about all Geo TV dramas. They all drag; and repeatedly play the OST throughout the episode. By the time the drama is over, you would hear the OST like a million times. It gets annoying even if it is very melodious.



Sanam’s hair, OMG! It is hard not to notice her lustrous locks. Envious, very!

Sanam’s character was a 180 turn from her confident, independent and headstrong girl. She was meek and emotional and helpless most of the time, even though she did protest a bit in front of her Taya.

Taifoor Khan’s portrayal of a religious is spot on. He doesn’t look up while talking to women or even his father. Respect is engrained in him. At times, it is also funny. For instance, every time he’d talk to someone, he’d start and end the conversation with salaam; a living example of salaam qabl Al kalaam. It could just be me but sometimes it was amusing.

Sara Khan as younger sister is bubbly albeit annoyed with her circumstances. She had to settle for and with Sarmad as Paras marries Shahryar. I remember one scene where she stops Sarmad from talking, “Kya hum normal baat nahin kar sakte?”

Javed Shaikh, to my recollection, has never played a role who’s so religious and rigid. It was a welcome surprise to see him in this new avatar.

Mahek Ali as Rania had a one-tone acting and dialogue delivery. Although her character arc was interesting, the actor hammed a lot, reducing any sympathy one would feel for her.

Hina Khwaja Bayat is perfect when she plays elite class woman. In this, even though she has selfish motives, she isn’t entirely villainous.

Parting Thoughts

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Happy watching!

Shabana Mukhtar