The week that was – 20w01

I have read two books already and drafting the review posts. The reviews will be up sometime in next week, or this weekend, depending upon how much time I get.

Office was okay. After the skip level (you can read about it here: Shut The Beep Up | How to Not Lead By Example) and a lot of introspection, I have realized something. I have somehow become calmer and don’t stress much about work. In my humble opinion, that’s how it should be; and that’s how I have always wanted it to be. I am glad that it’s working out, no matter what caused it (psst…a lot of anger).

There is something strange that happened. One, someone from HR contacted me. My heart starting thumping, fearing something bad is about to happen. My intuitions proved correct, as I am not part of a committee in my organization. Oh, the horror of dealing with more people.

I am also asked to present something this year. The perils of new year – new goals, new targets, new horrendous experiments, argh!

Other than that, it was a cool week, literally. The temperature is dropping every day and I feel frozen all the time. I have very low tolerance for low temperatures and… Well… Let’s just say I am waiting for February when the weather gets pleasant.

How was your week? Did you read / watch anything interesting?

Shabana Mukhtar