Drama Review | Fraud | Episode 8-9 | Mehmood Aslam stole the show

Fraud Episode 8 Written Update and Review

Alright off to review episode 8-9 of this amazing drama.

Maya and Nael to say “Qubool Hai”

After much convincing of both parties, Maya consents but Nael… He just kept quiet.

Nisar says

Staying quiet doesn’t always mean consent. It means refusal as well.

But Shazia refuses to listen and says that Nael has also agreed to the Nikkah.

And then families of both parties get ready for the Nikkah.

Dulha bhaag gaya Nisar sahab

As the wedding gets close, Nael is missing. He sends a voice note to Shazia, saying that he can’t get through this wedding. Shazia is heartbroken. Nazli Soomro conveyed her emotions splendidly.

And then, the inevitable happens. Shaiza informs Nisar about this unfortunate development.

Nisar sahab gets into a shock

Nisar is in denial at first and insists that he will find Nael and bring him back. He sets out, to complete his quest.

But he is just too mentally stressed that he accidentally crashes his car. He injures a motorcyclists but Nisar is unscathed.

He is brought to the police station. Hearing and seeing Nisar in an unorganized, disheveled state made the policemen think he is mentally unstable. The kind policemen bring Nisar home.

My sister called Nisar a zombie. Looking at the way the policemen brought him home. A man who has lost everything.

Look at that. His face is so pale! How does he even do that?

Nael, a villian

This episode proves that Nael is no angel. He has his demons. He wanted revenge for his humiliation. And he got it.

For Nael, his pride and ego matters more than attaining the love of his life. And like Shazia calls Nael

Tum ek ghatiya insaan hai. Bahot ghatiya.

Nael, however, doesn’t even have a single remorse. To him, his actions are justified. He wants Nisar to feel the same pain he had.

Nael is a sadist. Period.

The Khawars gets ready to loot

A montage of the Khawars gets shown. They are getting ready to trap their next prey. They go for shopping. At second-hand shops of course.

The best scene was when “Mrs Khawar” and Tabraiz get into an ugly fight. Annie Zaidi and Ahsan Khan are so in their element. And the slight Punjabi accent that Ahsan has put on for this role is commendable. Annie Zaidi is just ruthless. So powerful, like she runs this ring.

Drama Review

Mehmood Aslam stole the show! Second-place goes to Adnan Sammad Khan, Ahsan Khan and Annie Zaidi. These actors are gifted.

Mehmood Aslam is a legend and I have no words to express how spectacular he was from the first scene to the last. His expressions are so consistent. That man does wonders.

We also get a glimpse of Saife Hassan. I was happy.

Fraud didn’t touch Shaan’s track and I’m happy they didn’t. Although I missed Mikaal Zulfiqar.

Overall, Fraud is the best thing to have come out in 2022, next to Sang-E-Mah. Two really strong dramas, out of the typical saas-bahu typical dramas. I’m so happy for the Pakistani Drama Industry.


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