Drama Review | Fraud | Episode 7

Fraud Episode 7 Written Update and Review

This review is 2 weeks late but… I know, many of you are looking forward to Shabana’s witty reviews for Fraud.

Even I was.

However, she just announced her hiatus, so I will be taking over her reviews, for now.

Without further ado, here is my review for episode 7.

Nael’s dilemma

Shazia pleads Nael to marry Maya. Nael however, is not a fan of this idea. I have a feeling he is a man of pride. He does not want to marry Maya because she has already become someone’s wife.

Nael is a confusing character. But he doesn’t seem well. I can tell you that much. He is still filled with spite for his uncle.

Shazia then tries reverse psychology. She tells him that he would be Maya’s saviour. Who is destined to take all her pain away.

But Nael says

Don’t expect anything from me.

Oh teri

Nael is one bitter man.

Nisar is in pain

Shahnaz wants to get Maya remarried. But this is such a bad idea. I mean, you already know your daughter didn’t have a splendid first marriage. You out of most people, should be able to understand your daughter’s psyche. Marriage is not the solution to all problems.

But for Shahnaz, it about log kya kahenge. As Maya is reaching her expiry date. To get married.

Nisar is perplexed. But Shahnaz reminds him about his past mistakes.

And this adds more salt to his wounds.

Maya is in more pain

Maya is up at night. She doesn’t know how to stop thinking about Tabraiz and the fraud. I get it, an empty mind is your worst enemy. I’ve been through that.

Nisar tries to console Maya. But at this stage, she is almost inconsolable.

Maya gets sick. And the doctor advices her to rest. Not to take anymore mental stress. Her family assures her that she is not alone.

Saba Qamar is the star of the show. I’ve always seen Saba in badass roles. But this drama just proves her range. The soft, innocent girl who has just lost everything. Her status, self-respect, her life. Her barren face and pain in her eyes. It speaks for itself. Excellent performance!

Neighbours come to fill more salt to the Nisar family’s wounds. Maila has had enough. She gives a sure shut up call. Shabash Cheeti!

The fraudsters are back

This track is my most favorite. I mean this family is just badass, for the wrong reasons. But these people are just so entertaining to watch.

The Khawar’s have their eyes on their next loot. A family in a village in Lahore. Rainaa is a divorcee and her family is ready to wed her off. Giving away a bungalow in her name and 4 acres of land.

It’s a jackpot for the Khawar’s.

We get a glimpse of Mrs Khawar, now in a different and ruthless persona.

Annie Zaidi has aced this role! What a boss woman! She is eating a watermelon with a knife. I don’t know what is more badass than that.

Tabraiz also makes an appearance. They are discussing their next loot. I only missed Khawar aka Saife Hassan this episode. Like Shabana, I also love that dude.

Shaan’s Track

Nothing much happens here. Like Shahnaz, Shaan’s step mother even asks him get married again. But he doesn’t want to. Instead, he suggests Tooba to get married.

Tooba doesn’t want to get married too. Lo.

Drama Review

Other than Shaan’s track , which I really think it has to pick up pace. I’m enjoying the rest of the tracks. Especially Tabraiz’s track. I enjoy it the most. I just can’t wait to see what the “family” does next.

Also, a request to the cast and producers of the drama. Please do not share any BTS of the drama. It spoils the fun of the drama. But spoiler alert, we already know Maya and Shaan will get hitched. I’m interested to know how they will weave in the two tracks together.

Performances are spectacular this episode. Ahsan Khan and Annie Zaidi has so much swag. Saba Qamar just rules the screen. Queen of television. Rabiya Kulsoom is also so so good!

Mehmood Aslam is another legend. Man portrays so many emotions at once. My heart goes out to Nisar sahab and his family.

Well that’s it folks. This is my review for episode 7


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