Hajj 2022 Memories | Day 4

So, Umrah is done, and we are told to rest. The group organizers want us to save our energies for the strenuous 5 days of Hajj 1443 ahead of us. I think they are right. Besides, I want to prepare for those 5 days. No matter how many times you read the books and notes about Arkan-e-Hajj, you are always left with self-doubt. Preparing for those five days is so very crucial.

Besides, I’m also doing the packing for tomorrow. 


Alright, so the packing is done now. It’s all about waiting for tomorrow, and preparing. We had a small lecture downstairs by one of the experienced Hajis. It was short and simple, and the only lecture I listened to in person. Everything else was either on YouTube or recorded sessions that my brother shared with me. I had no leaves and no time to attend to those lectures before taking up this joruney. May Allah accept my Hajj, and everyone elses. Amen. 

My brother has done the recharge, and this SIM comes packed in this card. For some reason, we are asked to safe keep this card for future. It better go in my Hajj Diary as well 🙂

Today, after all the worries are washed off, I finally have the time to google about the Goindigo flight delay issue on Saturday; it has been bothering me all the while. It turns out that Goindigo had >800 delayed flights on Saturday and many were cancelled.


I should count myself lucky that our flight arrives, even though it was late, at least it did arrive; it wasn’t cancelled. Subhan Allah! Alhamdulillah! Allah made it possible for us to come to His city and see Bait Ullah.

And I also count myself lucky for eating such sumptuous meal tonight. Alhamdulillah!

Shabana Mukhtar