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Habs Episode 10 Recap

Fahad is the sane person in Basit’s life. I wonder if Fahad wasn’t there, what would Basit do? I must say, Musaddiq Malik has chosen the best part of himself 😀

So, episode 11 begins as Fahad tells Basit that he should have gifted something to Ayesha. He is trying to make him realize how the job is important for her family. Well, one thing is not clear he tells Basit to tell everything to Ayesha, what does it mean? Does Basit’s friend know that he has given Ayesha’s family any cheque with a hefty amount?

This episode is just a series of disasters from Ayesha and her family’s side.

Exhibit A

Ayesha goes to meet her family instead of the parlour’s appointment. To make things worse, Ayesha doesn’t take Basit’s calls. This irks Basit to no limits.  He calls Qudsiyaand reminds him about their deal. Ouch! That was so in your face, and that still didn’t deter Qudsiya from her stance.

Exhibit B

Qudsiya brings Ayesha back to Basit’s house along with the whole family. Ayesha is embarassed by her family’s awe of her in-law’s “palace”.

Qudsiya continues to show just how cheap she is by arguing over the fare.

“Dedh sau se ek rupya zyada nahin dungi,” Qudsiya says.

Comes Basit to the rescue.

Exhibit C

Did you think that was enough?



There’s more…

Once inside, Bobby insists on feeding a Gulam Jamun to Basit, the guy who doesn’t like sweets. The sugar syrup drips on the sofa and then Basit loses his calm. He snaps at poor Kareem and walks out.

Exhibit D

No, we are not done yet. Ayesha’s family is in her room. Zoya tries Basit’s perfume. Yeah, you guessed it right. She drop the bottle. Bobby Phupho and Zoya then walk into the closet. Zoya borrows a dress from Ayesha’s wardrobe.

And, Ayesha lets her.

Wrong move, girl!

Those dresses were custom-made for Ayesha on Sadiya’s behest. Thodi to boundary maintain karni thhi Ayesha ne.

Exhibit E

Qudsiya takes all the salaami lifafe from Ayesha’s hand. We all know what her intentions are.

So, that was enough ammunition to irk even a sensible person. Basit is a short-tempered man. The rift gets deeper between the couple.


Ayesha has had enough. She tells Basit about her family is her reality. Superb acting by Ushna when she says:

“Main toh koshish kar rahi hoon. Thodi koshish aap bhi kar lein,” Ayesha tells Basit.

Look at her glassy eyes, her upset face, so pretty.

Later, we see the softer side of Basit as he offers water to Ayesha and tends to the wound on her hand.

“Kabhi kabhi apne hi faisley ka saamna karne ke iye bahot saari himmat chahiye hoti hai. Bas samjho usi himmat ko jama karne ke liye thoda waqt chahiye,” Basit tells Ayesha.

Kya baat kahi hai. Mukarrar irshad!

The episode ends as they stare into each other’s eyes. Wallah!


Habs is quite engaging. Even though I didn’t review the first few episodes, I do enjoy watching this story.

Feroze’s acting is on another level in this episode. He isn’t loud or annoying as he was in Ishqiya or Aye Musht-e-Khaak. I feel like I’m watching a whole new Feroze in Habs

Feroze as Basit and Ushna as Ayesha look so great together. Despite the obvious differences, I know they will fall in love, soon. And, I’m waiting for that moment. 


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