Drama Review | Habs | Episode 17


Habs Episode 17 Written Review & Update


This episode starts with a nice whiplash from Bano to that office cheapster. He’s such a chipku, ya.

Later, while presenting, the presentation is messed up. Surely, Jawad is behind this.

Basit is too quick to find the culprit, alongwith hard proofs. Bano forgives Jawad, though.

This is the last and final warning to Jawad.

Anyway, the good thing is that Bano is giving her best to her job. Qudsiya takes this as a sign of a possible promotion, but Bano is too quick to realise this.

“Don’t even think of asking Basit for a promotion,” Bano warns Qudsiya.

Yaawar’s family has brought a lot of “shtuff ” for Zoya making everyone too happy and excited. Even Zoya is happy. I’m sure it is all the jewellery and other stuff that makes her happy.

Later, we see Bano giving her two cents on her philosophy of life.

“Zindagi ke waar daulat pe hi jhele ja sakte hain,” Bano says.


Ayesha is too upset to see Basit the way he is–hurting, guilty, repenting… Ayesha suggests him to go and talk to Sadiya at her grave. I don’t know the religious standing of talking over the grave, but…

Very emotional and senti scene. Feroze Khan at his best in this scene.


The episode ends as Zoya steps out of the house to elope with Amir (that’s his name, right?) Bano sees this. At least someone knows what Zoya is upto.

Alright, that’s about this 17th episode of Habs.



Daniya Anwar impresses me with every episode. She has such expressive eyes. Like her.

Feroze Khan and Ushna Shah’s chemistry is perfect, and they make a good couple on screen.

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Shabana Mukhtar