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Habs Episode 25 Written Update & Review 

Gather up, peeps! It’s time to review Habs’ episode 25, although I don’t really want to.

Each episode of Habs makes me want to quit watching it. Each episode of Habs makes me want to break Qudsiya’s head. And, each episode of Habs makes me want to slap Ayesha’s face so hard that her perpetual sulky expression changes to a pained one. I had to wait for a few hours to let my blood cool down; it was boiling otherwise.

Fahad’s Wedding

Fahad is getting married, and we see the lovely Anoushay Abbasi as his wife.

They played a couple in Mere Paas Tum Ho as well. Are they related in real-life? I will google once I post this review.

Ayesha is already there, and that’s when Basit and Soha make an entry, TOGETHER.

Ayesha is pissed to see them. She does what she does best–makes a face.

Later, the couple talk and argue. I was happy that at least there is some conversation going on, FINALLY. But, I don’t like that Ayesha was totally dismissive of all things Basit has to say. They are also photographed together. One can clearly see who is the problem in this marriage.

Qudsiya Continues to be Shrewd AF

Qudsiya continues to plot that Ayesha be married to Yawar, thereby getting her another house. Seriously woman, be a mother. Don’t be a naika. My rant about Qudsiya from the previous episode applies here, again. In this episode, when Basit comes home, she treats him poorly, because now she has someone else with deep pockets to fulfil her demands. I am truly apologetic for my harsh words, but this woman leaves me with no other option.  Qudsiya is topping the chart of worst mothers.

Zoya , Oh Zoya! 

This episode also made me wonder-can a real sister be as mean as Zoya? She constantly makes fun of Qudsiya, and by extension Ayesha that Basit isn’t the man that everyone deemed him to be. She keeps bragging that Amir loves her and showers monies on her (the money that she has stolen). She doesn’t see time or place. All she wants is to show Ayesha down. Real sisters don’t do that generally; there maybe exceptions. Why do we show such toxic relationships? Don’t we have enough shit to deal with already?

I really really really hope that Zoya’s bragging should get a good reprimand from Bilquis when she finds out her suspicions weren’t misplaced about the theft from her safe. However, the promo shows that Amir still takes Zoya’s side, so more dragging is in store… 


Ayesha’s Scowl, KMN!

Here is the deal. I know someone who sulks all the time. Eversince I have returned from the hiatus, I have seen the very same expression (that’s almost three months now). It gets so annoying. Ayesha does the same. She’s like, “meri to zindagi hi barbad ho gayi hai. Mera husband ne mujhe talaq dene ka socha hai.”

Sis, why don’t you see that he is a changed man and trying hard to make amends? I agree, Basit spending time with Soha doesn’t go well with Ayesha, and Basit was a fool to have agreed to arrive at the party with another woman in tow; but it doesn’t mean that he is interested in Soha. Isn’t Ayesha doing EXACTLY what Basit did? Basit saw Ayesha spending time with Fahad and assumed that they are having an affair. Ayesha is doing just that. This is where I hate most heroines. Itni koi samajhdar heroine hoti na, toh same ghalti na karti.

And, what’s with her frown? If I were to capture a screenshot everytime Ayesha made a face, my SD card would have been full by now. She looks as if she’s constipated all the time. Ayesha isn’t a character that I can relate to, or even like, but I think it is also Ushna’s fault to a certain extent. She was so good in Aakhir Kab Tak, even though her pout always bothered me. In this drama, however, she is so monntonous.

The only saving grace on Ayesha’s part was that she stood up against Qudsiya and told her off about marrying Yawar. 

Bano, My Favourite in this Drama

I loved the scene where Bano is putting the clothes on the dryline. Her dupatta tied around her waist, full gharelu avatar. As usual, she tries to knock some sense into Ayesha’s stubborn head. Oh, she tries so genuinely, but Ayesha is so damn adamant.

Gentleman Basit

As for Basit, I think he was very considerate in this episode. He was nice, he behaved well, and he made every effort to talk to Ayesha (who just wouldn’t listen). He came home to pick up Ayesha, and was polite to Qudsiya, until she crossed a line. I liked his stance. Biwi ki maan hai, doesn’t mean he takes all shit from her.

Anywho, I still don’t understand why he is entertainin Soha. Doesn’t he realize that he is doing the exact same thing that Ayesha did and drove them apart? Once Ayesha has stated that she doesn’t like Soha, he shouldn’t be sitting with Soha telling her that he intended to divorce Ayesha once. That was so annoying to watch, but hey, who am I to comment. It’s there drama 😀

Peace out!


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Shabana Mukhtar


  1. Generally, the subtitles are uploaded on Youtube in a day or two. If it hasn’t been the case, they are probably not putting a lot of effort on Habs, given the present situation around Feroze Khan. I’m just happy that they uploaded the episode 😀

    I’m sure you understand basic Urdu. For difficult parts, just ask me. I’d be happy to do a translation, in my own way 🙂

  2. Maryam says:

    Is there any way I can watch episode 25 with English subtitles? I have tried YouTube and daily motion and neither have English subtitles! Why is this?

  3. Hi Qudsiya 🙂
    Yeah, I forgot to mention that Zoya’s bragging should get a good reprimand from Bilquis when she finds out her suspicions weren’t misplaced. However, the promo shows that Amir still takes Zoya’s side, so more dragging is in store…

  4. Pharmchick says:

    Honestly, if zoya doesnt get some kind of a poetic justice this drama will go down as one of the biggest wastes of my time drama. Aside from her horrid bragging and showing Ayesha down, the fact that she thinks she deserves clothes and jewelry from a man she rejected. Btw why isnt yaawars sister demanding that back now.
    Mama Q was so so terrible this week but glad Ayesha told her off in some way in front of yaawar and his sister.
    Im tired of Soha and i too wish basit would stop entertaining her esp when he must see how much her presence bothers Ayesha. Soha, go home and stop trying to worm back into basits life, you rejected him before..

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