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Habs Episode 26 Written Update & Review 

This episode of Habs made me smile and that says a lot about how good this episode was. I mean, it wasn’t great, but after all the rona dhona and misunderstandings and whining and pouting, this one had some good moments.

Alright, gather around. It’s time to review Habs’ episode 26.

Basit & Ayesha Resolve Their Issues, FINALLY!




It happened. I can’t stress just how badly I wanted the two silly people to learn their mistakes and resolve their issues. Ayesha overhears Basit talking to Soha about Qudsiya and takes off, as usual. This time, however, Basit chases her and stops her and brings her back home.

Ayesha is like, meko jane ka hai.

Basit is like, eh tu baith ke baat sun meri…

Even though Basit is miffed with Qudsiya, he keeps his end of the deal and doesn’t tell Ayesha about it. Even though Ayesha doesn’t know what it is that Qudsiya has done, she believes Basit for the first time. That was so refreshing.

Even more refreshing was that Ayesha was smiling in this episode. Whether it was in the balcony, or in the restaurant, or in their room, Basit and Ayesha chatted and conversed and smiled. Basit was so sensitive and so sweet with Ayesha. I almost want to add that if he was this way in real life, we wouldn’t be witnessing the ugly legal and social media battle right now. But hey, I don’t know the full truth, and I’m here only to review the drama and Feroze’s acting, not the man himself.

Ayesha is still insecure about Soha, and she must be. The girl (Soha) just doesn’t back down. Why can’t she leave the couple alone? I want to see how many conflicts Soha brings to the story.


Talal is Back

Ever since Talal was married, we haven’t seen him. I assumed that the Talal chapter is closed for good, but it isn’t.

We see that Talal and his mother, both aren’t happy with the wife/bahu. She is lazy and kaam-chor and zabaan-daraaz,  that we all understand. What I fail to understand is the relevance of this to the current plot. Are we to believe that Talal and his mother would realize their mistake, and Talal would come crawling back to Bano? That would be the worst thing ever, second only to Qudsiya’s character.

Bano, my dear, if you go back to Talal after what he did to you, you and I are done. You have been my favourite so far, but don’t be silly and don’t let Talal win you over with his misery.


Amir, Oh Amir! 

Alright, so despite Bilquis’s reservations about Zoya, Amir goes to bring Zoya back. I don’t like how he walks away from his mother.

Zoya’s family sits together to talk to their daamaad. One thing leads to another, and Bobby appreciates that Amir has given such a hefty amount (2 lakh rupees) to Zoya for shopping.


So, the cat is out. Amir quickly realizes that Bilquis’s suspicions weren’t misplaced about the theft from her safe. Zoya refutes all the blames, but Amir ain’t that stupid, so he takes off.

“Main tumhein apne ghar nahin le ja raha,” Amir tells Zoya.

Now, he is worried and that makes Bilquis worried, too. Upon learning the truth, she is back to being her whiny self. And, Amir asks the big question.

“Kya karoon? Chhor doon?” Amir asks his mother.

Arey? Mere bhai, this is the same girl who eloped with you. How could you talk of leaving her so easily? Does marriage have such little value? I agree, Zoya isn’t the best wife or even a passable daughter-in-law, but divorce is just too much. That’s true for people in real life as well. All the sins and evil things have become such a norm in society that people take it and talk about very casually. It hurts, it hurts real bad.

Qudsiya Gets a Reality Check

So, Amir walks out on Zoya. This gives Qudsiya another opportunity to curse her youngest-born. This time, Zoya retaliates. She tells her mother how awful she has been, and what poor qualities she has instilled in her daughters, and that she is the reason of their sorta ruined lives. I agree that Qudsiya needed it, but Zoya has no right to blame it all on someone else. You are responsible for your shit, no matter how external circumstances affected your damn life. 

I wonder if Qudsiya realizes her mistakes, or continues to be like, “maine sab tum logo ki bhalayee ke liye kiya hai. Also, I want to see what Amir decides about Zoya. I guess we wait for the next episode, then.

See you later!


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4 Comments Add yours

  1. I’m hoping Bano is smarter than that. I don’t think she loves Talal anymore.

  2. Pharmchick says:

    I hope she listens to you! 😀 talal broke her heart now boo hoo he has “buyers regret” with his wife so Bano is supposed to take him and his baggage back, whats in it for her anyway.

  3. Yeah, I have warned Bano about it already 😀
    I agree, it wasn’t Zoya’s place to reprimand her mother. I hate it when people conveniently blame others for the shit they do; like Ross says in FRIENDS: “I got tricked into doing all those things.” Be an adult, take responsibility for what you’ve done.

    I think now they are happily married (even for half an episode). Qudsiya’s money matters and Soha’s flirting will get in the way which will hopefully be the final conflict before HEA, say two more episodes.

    I’m gonna go watch the promo for ep 27 now.

  4. Pharmchick says:

    I wasnt thrilled they reintroduced Talal back. And that too with a kid. I hoped Bano would get someone worthy of her, and that isnt Talal experiencing regret with the current wife.
    What zoya said, Qudsiya needed to hear but it shoudlve come from ayesha or bano, not Zoya. Whats that saying everyone says about her lol pehle chori phir seena zori lol.
    Happy that ayesha and basit seemed to resolve their issues. Now they need to get that kabab me haddi soha outta there. I was wondering tho.. is the marriage still a contract or are they like married married now lol. Hoping they are, seeing how happy they seemed with each other.
    Next weeks promo seemed to go by fast, wonder if theyre wrapping the show up? It almost looked like a endingish promo