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Habs Episode 27 Written Update & Review 

A snippet from Habs’ episode 26 review.

Each episode of Habs makes me want to quit watching it. Each episode of Habs makes me want to break Qudsiya’s head. And, each episode of Habs makes me want to slap Ayesha’s face so hard that her perpetual sulky expression changes to a pained one. I had to wait for a few hours to let my blood cool down; it was boiling otherwise.

And, the same applies to this episode as well. I had to wait for 15 hours before I could sit down to recap and review Habs Episode 27.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Zoya had snapped at her mother and told her that:

“Aapki tarbiyat hi ne mujhe aisa banaya hai.”

Or something to that effect. While it wasn’t Zoya’s place to admonish her mother, what she said was certainly true. Zoya lies through her teeth, she is greedy and selfish and shameless; just like her mother.

In this episode, we see Yawar’s sister Sameena calling Qudsiya to give her stuff back, finally. While they were talking, I could hear Junaid Jamshed’s soothing voice demanding… 

Wapas kardo

Wapas kardo

Mera samaan 

Wapas kardo

How does Qudsiya respond?

By doing what she does best. She lies.

She tells Sameena that nobody has even touched her stuff, and that she would bring it back in no time. Sameena, poor Sameena believes this shit because she has no reason not to.

Now, that “stuff” is at Zoya’s house. How is Qudsiya going to get that? Simple, she  brings Zoya to Amir’s home. While talking to Bilquis to accept Zoya back, Qudsiya talks as if she is the most concerned mother there ever is. Bilquis doesn’t hold back her bitterness, though. Neither Amir not Bilquis are willing to accept Zoya in their house. On the other hand, Zoya isn’t accepting her mistake, STILL. She has learned this from her mother, so she is not to be blamed.

Now, Qudsiya might not want to see Zoya settle in her house, but she wants the “stuff”, so drops a bomb.

“Zoya is expecting!”

Bas phir, the sentiments change. Amir and Bilquis accept Zoya back and Qudsiya gets the stuff that she must return to Sameena.

I can’t even begin how much I hate Qudsiya. She has never EVER one thing right in this drama. I loath her, so loath her. 

Bano’s dilemma

This shit aint enough, so we see more of Qudsiya’s arrogance and greed. They get a notice to vacate the house. She still wants a house in her name, so she forces Bano to take a loan from Basit, the same Basit who she had kicked out of her house. This woman will stop at nothing.

I loved the look on Bano’s face when Qudsiya asked her to take  loan. It spoke volumes about how Bano hates her mother’s words, but she says nothing. 

Talal & Zainab

I still don’t understand why Talal is getting so much of footage. Zainab is bitter and rude to Talal’s mother. She doesn’t look after the baby or Talal. All she wants is to talk on phone and watch dramas. What do I do with that? Talal is regretting his decision, we get it. Why are we to suffer from Talal’s situation? 

Bano, I’m telling you again: Don’t be silly and DON’T accept Talal back.

Ayesha & Basit & Soha–the love-triangle

Ayesha and Basit are still in their “honeymoon” period and fawning over each other. Basit plans to take Ayesha out for dinner, but Soha interrupts their lovely evening. The two (Basit and Soha) work for hours while Ayesha keeps lurking around them.

They finally decide to each at home. Ayesha goes to kitchen, and Soha sees this as an opportunity to poison the marriage.

“Friends? Is that all Basit told you about me? Do you really love Basit?”

I don’t know what Ayesha inferred from this, but she is sulky and pouty again. Soha enjoys this. She’s like: I got you where I wanted.

And, I’m back to rolling my eyes. I’m so tired of Ayesha’s sullen face. And Qudsiya’s stupid decisions. 

Habs is a concoction of stupidest characters except Bano, and Basit is the best like anno mein kana raja.


I want this drama to be over, and SOON.


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Shabana Mukhtar


  1. As usual, didn’t see the promo but will check. Fahad started off like the bestest friend but ever since he whined about Basit to his mother, he is out of my good books.

  2. Pharmchick says:

    I agree with you. Im desperate for this (and fraud but thats another story) to end soon. Every episode you think mama Q cant do worse and surprise, she does. What an awful lie about Zoya! I wonder if theyll find out or if Zoya may just “miscarry” to finish that storyline. Glad the stuff went back to Yaawars fam even tho it wasnt “untouched” also I felt they gave more jehez but only a little was shown. Hopefully everything was returned.
    Wish Ayesha would open her dumb mouth and tell Basit that Sohas presence makes her uncomfortable and to not have her around anymore. Theyre all lovey dovey now she can ask such things.
    Next weeks promo makes me wonder if Fahad is dumb or has a vendetta against basit/ayesha like why is he spilling all the beans to soha of all people. And that miserable coworker at basits company who should be grateful to bano but instead decides to rat her out to soha too. What control does soha have over all these people?
    Wonder if the honeymoon is in dubai bc both feroze and ushna were pictured there. Lol

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