Drama Review | Habs | Episode 9 | They’re finally hitched!

Habs | Is Love Really Needed For A Marriage?

ARY’s new drama Habs is an unusual drama with a story that involves a loving couple, trying to make it through the misunderstandings that are created by the unfortunate circumstances and the people around them.

Habs Episode 9 Written Review & Update

Just wanted to say that throughout this episode, I was internally screaming.

Ohkay so, Basit wants to meet Ayesha over lunch, during office hours. This raises suspicion as Jawad and Hina overhear them. Jawad, mind your own business!

So the soon-to-be-wed couple have a “date”. Ayesha wants to hear the truth from Basit. Which Basit tells her. Well, sort of.

Basit claims that he wanted to marry Ayesha because he has started to “like” her. And that she has become “precious” to him. Ayesha calls bluff. And I was like yeah right Basit, precious my ass.

Anyway, Basit does tell her the truth. The motive behind his decision. He tells her everything.


Ayesha is moved and touched by his courage to open up to her. And I think, she finally accepts him as her fiancé.


And then, the Nikkah preparation starts. Irsa Ghazal is just so good. I mean I have no words to describe how much I love that woman!

You know I was thinking, that if I had to act alongside a family member, I would feel shy. But then again, we know a lot of father-son, mother-daughter, and sister-sister IRL actors.

But I digress.

Also, Bano is genuinely happy for Ayesha and I like that. She isn’t bitter about Ayesha’s fate. That’s what good sisters do. We have each other’s backs.


Anywho, the moment we all have been waiting for the past 9 episode arrives. They both say Qubool Hai to each other. Echoes of congratulation fill the room.

They are now husband and wife. Sweet!

Ushna Shah looks like a million bucks in that jora. Like an angel. Feroze and Ushna both look like they are actually husband and wife.

The whole montage reminds me of couples in the 1960s. They look serious and awkward in their wedding pictures. And this looks exactly it.

But Mashallah, they look so adorable!


At the side, Basit gives Qudsia the cheque. She thanks him and tells him not to mention this to Ayesha. But you know who else hears this, Bano that’s who.


Like I said in my last review, Qudsia disgusts me after she done this sauda. That she is “selling” her daughter.


And then the rukhsati happens and Ayesha is at Basit’s home. In this scene, Ushna and Irsa don’t look like sister’s at all. They really look like saas-bahu.

Basit is in a brain freeze. He doesn’t want to meet his wife. He stalls Fahad to sit with him for the night. Basit conveys his feelings to Fahad and it seems like Basit really wants to make this marriage work.

Will Basit fulfil his responsibilities as a husband?

Drama Review

Feroze Khan has really surprised me in this drama. And he looks hot, I must say. The angry young man role he does is such a turn-off for me. There are only a few actors who do angry young man roles, which attracts me. Sadly, Feroze isn’t one of them. But that’s a different post for another time.

Ushna Shah, my god, what a beauty! Ushna is one the few favorite actors in the industry and she’s such a pleasure to watch on screen! That soft features and her soft acting. Goosebumps!

And the woman of the show, Ms Irsa Ghazal. I have no words to describe how in love I am with Sadia’s character. Irsa delivers to perfection.

Janice Tessa also surprised me. She reminds me of my little sister. Good job on her part. And she is just soo pretty!

Habs, way to go!


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