Drama Review | Humsafar | Episode 11

A little recap of episode 10

Khirad is expecting. Ashar is in Islamabad.


Humsafar episode 11 written update and review

This is “the” episode, the episode where shit happens left right and center. 


Ashar and Sara are in Islamabad for some business related work. Ashar has been cold towards Khirad as she didn’t pick up his call. While at his home, he recalls Khirad’s attempts to talk to him. He dials her number.


“Aap wapas aayenge to main aapko ek baat bataungi…” Khirad says. 


There is nothing funny in that line but I laughed because it was a trick when we were kids. We used to make others do stuff for us on the pretext of knowing something interesting. If you bring water for me, main ek baat bataungi.


Fareeda, zareena and Khirad go to Khizar’s house. He’s moving to the States, apparently. Fareeda sends Khirad to the kitchen to make dahi bada, the maid Salma goes out to get curd. For a moment, it feels like nobody is home. Khizar comes in and while they are talking, he spills water on Khirad. He should have rushed to get a towel, right? But no… He takes Khirad’s dupatta. Fareeda and Zareena enter the kitchen and see them. And guess who else is with them? 




Fareeda starts to tarnish Khirad’s character. Her monologue is punctuated with Khirad’s pleas: Mami yeh aap kya keh rahi hain?


One thing leads to another and Fareeda slaps Khirad. Yep, in this case, it is true that one woman 


Ashar is spellbound.


Wait… Why isn’t Khirad asking Khizar to tell the truth? It isn’t what it looked like. He only had Khirad’s duptta because he spilled water, right?


Khirad does ask Khizar, and Khizar lies through his teeth. He talks as if whatever Fareeda has said is true, as if Khirad was having an affair with Khizar.


Yep, he’s in on it.


Khizar even tells Khirad that he did this to go to US for higher studies. He could marry Sara only after that. Yeah, dream on, mistah. 


Anywho, so Ashar is too upset to come home and Khirad waits for Ashar. Fareeda tells Khirad how she really feels about her. This was her master plan to avenge Baseerat’s doing. Baseerat had asked Fareeda to leave the house, right? Toh yeh thha badla… Khirad didn’t do anything. It was Baseerat’s doing and Baseerat’s fault. Why do innocent people pay the price? 


Khirad is locked out of the house, and the episode ends. 


When did Fareeda plan all this?


Khirad said mummy yeh aap kya keh rahi hain, three times and there were many other variations that I didn’t even count. Fareeda uses the term “do takay ki larki” several times. Could we have some variety in dialogues, please?

What to expect from episode 12

Fareeda will kick Khirad out of her house and Ashar’s life.

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Shabana Mukhtar