Drama Review | Humsafar | Episode 12

A little recap of episode 11

Shit has happened. Fareeda has plotted against Khirad to kick her our of Ashar’e life.

Humsafar episode 12 written update and review

Khirad is locked out of the house. Noor Afza the house help tells Khirad that nobody is allowed to talk to Khirad. Fareeda gives Khirad some cash and a cheque.

Revenge is served.

Khirad goes to live with her neighbour aunt, khala Batool. That’s why this character was introduced in the first episode itself 🙂


Mahira Khan… I didn’t like her acting in her debut drama and I don’t like her acting now. She has changed little over the time. The fact that Humsafar and Hum Kahan Kay Sacchay Thhay share a lot of similarities just makes me think about her acting again and again.

This is one of Fawad Khan’s earliest works. While he has done a terrific job as Ashar, we can tell that the dude has talent. I really loved his performance in Akbari Asghari, but I can’t find that drama on YouTube. It’s such a pity.

Hina Khwaja Bayat looks lovely as usual.  It is Atiqa Odho ji who has consistently been the best performer of the drama. Her arched eyebrows, her gorgeous personality and her voice… She is so aptly cast as high-class mother. Superb!

What to expect from episode 6

Khirad’s struggles with life, I suppose? I didn’t watch the whole episode. I listened to it mostly.

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Shabana Mukhtar